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Art Show

American Gothic, Grant Wood, Hugo Award rocket, Mount Fuji in the background

Art Show Reception

An Art Show Reception will be held for Attending Members of Nippon 2007, Friday, 7 - 9 pm (1900 to 2100)

Art Show Paint-Off

In what promises to be a gesso-filled palette of fun, Hugo-winning pros of the SF/F art scene will put paint to canvas Friday in a Worldcon Paint-Off. 

What is a Paint-Off?  Umm, we're not sure, but master artists Bob Eggleton, Naoyuki Kato, and Nippon 2007 Guest of Honor Michael Whelan will touch brushes in a creative demonstration for the erudition and delight of our Members.

Michael Whelan, Bob Eggleton, Naoyuki Kato Bob puts it this way -
"The intent is to create something never seen in a collaborative painting adventure over the afternoon.  We'll see what and how many paintings we get done, but you'll get to see a painting get started... and perhaps finished by one or the other of us.  What we promise is fun, and at least, a good time for all who watch!"

The canvases go up at High Noon on Friday, in the Art Show area.

The Paint-Off was a great success, and drew a substantial crowd.  Each artist started a canvas, then after a number of minutes, they swapped canvasses, then continued to paint and swap until they had completed six collaborative masterpieces, which were auctioned off.

Art Show Location

Map of Exhibit Hall A

Art Show Hours

Hall A Hours - for Art Show, Dealers Room, and Exhibits -
The hall will be open to the public during the day, then will require Nippon 2007 Membership in the evening.
Thursday  4 pm - 7 pm (public)  10 pm (members) 1600 - 1900/2200
Friday10 am - 6 pm (public)9 pm (members)1000 - 1800/2100
Saturday10 am - 6 pm (public)9 pm (members)1000 - 1800/2100
Sunday10 am - 6 pm (public)9 pm (members)1000 - 1800/2100
Monday10 am - 1 pm (public and members)1000 - 1300/2100


1.  Art Show Rules

All entries in the Nippon2007 Art Show and Print Shop must be original work on a science fiction, fantasy, or fannish theme.  Artists may enter their work directly, through mail-in art or via an agent.  Collaborative works may be submitted by any of the collaborators.

Vermeer Dutch girl contemplating a Hugo Award rocket All items to be entered must be completed before being brought into the Art Show.  All two-dimensional (flat) entries must be matted, mounted, or framed and ready to be hung.

Items that are so explicit that the piece would not be deemed appropriate for viewing by children, violate copyrights, or are judged to have libelous content in regard to known persons, or well-known characters, will not be permitted.  Please ask first about displaying items that make noise, flash lights, or may be distracting or annoying to our staff or members.

Both the Art Show and the Dealers Room will be in the 3,300 square meters, column-free, Hall A of the Exhibition Hall, the ceilings are between 13 to 19 meters (42 to 62 feet) high.  The hall has a complete in-floor network providing utilities including electricity, water supply and drainage, telephone, gas and compressed air.

Artists may check in and may hang their work beginning on Thursday, August 30, 2007 after 12:00 noon.  The Art Show will be in Hall A of the Exhibit Center.

Once a piece of artwork has been signed into the Art Show or Print Shop, it may not be withdrawn.  Conditions of sale (e.g., minimum bid) may not be changed for the duration of the show.

Nippon 2007 cannot provide insurance coverage for art.  You should ensure that your own insurance will cover your art while it is in transit and at the show.

Connie Willis wins another Hugo Award The Art Show will have approximately 200 panels and 10 tables.  Fees for panels and tables are described below.  Space will be reserved for our Artist Guests of Honor, the Best Professional Artist Hugo nominees, and Best Fan Artist Hugo Nominees; there will be no charge for this space.

Between 5 and 20 identical copies of each item may be submitted to the Print Shop.  For protection of the art and ease of handling, each copy must be matted or otherwise mounted.  Each piece must be between 5 inches by 7 inches and 20 inches by 30 inches.  All Print Shop sales will be for the fixed price designated by the artist or agent.  Each print in the Print Shop should have a sticker on the back showing the title of the piece, the name of the artists and the price of the print.  The artist may chose to display one copy of the print in that person's rented space; this copy of the print may receive written bids and may go to auction.

Postcards, holiday cards, and note cards may be submitted for sale through the Print Shop.  One copy of each item will be displayed, and the other copies will be sold from a stock accessible only to the Art Show staff.  The display copy will be sold if it is the only one left.  To reserve space in the Print Shop, you must tell us how many different items you plan to bring, and the number of copies and approximate overall size of each item.  We realize that the details are likely to change; as long as they are roughly correct, there will be no difficulty making adjustments when your work is checked in to the show.

Not-For-Sale work is permitted and is eligible for awards.

2.  How to Enter

Entry Form.

To enter the Nippon 2007 Art Show and Print Shop, please fill out and return the Entry Form by May 31, 2007.  Advance reservations are required - no space will be available at the door unless there are last-minute cancellations.  You may pay by check, money order, or wire transfer (contact us for details) payable to "Nippon 2007" or "65th World Science Fiction Convention".  All checks must be in U.S. Dollars.  Payment may also be made in Yen.  All checks must be in U.S. Dollars.  When the show sells out, any additional entries will be put on the Wait List in case there are cancellations.

We will acknowledge receipt of your entry form, indicating how much space has been reserved for you, whether part or all of your request has been Wait-Listed, etc.  We will inform you whenever your reservation status changes (e.g., a space request that was on the Wait List has been granted).  During June 2007 we will send master sheets, bid sheets, Print Shop control sheets, confirmation of your current status, and detailed instructions for shipping or bringing your art and checking it into the show, to all artists who have space reserved, or who are on the Wait List but have a reasonable chance to be granted space due to cancellations.

Artist check-in will be on Thursday, August 30, 2007 (see Section 7 below).  We want to have most of the show hung and checked in before the show opens.  Please let us know about any emergencies that affect your entry, such as travel delays.  If we have not heard from you by noon Friday and you have not made arrangements with us, we may resell your space.

If you have special requests, such as wishing to have your art hung next to that of a friend, please tell us on the entry form.  We will try to accommodate your request.

3.  Fees and Space Allocation

There is a limit of four panels per artist.  The fee is $10 for one panel, $30 for two panels, $60 for three panels, and $100 for four panels.  One table is $20, and two tables are $50.  We charge a 10% percent commission (capped at $500) on art work that is sold.  The Print Shop charges $1.00 per copy entered, whether or not the print is sold.

Space:  The basic unit of space is the "panel", which is a hanging space approximately three feet wide by seven feet high (90 by 210 cm) for flat artwork.

For 3-D art, the basic unit is the "table", approximately five feet wide by two feet deep (150 by 60 cm).  The space you reserve must include any clearance between pieces, including space for their attached bid sheets.  Pieces may not extend beyond the edge of the panel or table.

If you wish to show pieces that do not fit into these categories, such as large, free-standing sculptures, write to us by May 31, 2007 for a rate quote.  Please include details and, if possible, a picture of the proposed entry.

We will try to keep all work by a single artist together, but this may not be possible in all cases.

Art Sales:  Buyers may pay for art with cash or traveler's checks.

Payments to Artists:  Nippon 2007 acknowledges its obligation to pay each artist the monies collected from the sale of artwork less any fees stated in these rules and agreed to by the artist by submission of a signed Art Show Reservation Form.

We will pay the artist or agent by November 30, 2007.  This period allows time for checks and charges to clear through the banking system and the status of any non-picked-up pieces to be resolved, as well as enabling us to balance the books, cross-check the bid sheets, and prepare for each artist a complete accounting of the overall show and of the individual artist's works.  Payment will be made in Yen or currencies where we have agents, at the option of the artist or agent.

4.  What You Are Selling/Not Selling

We inform buyers that the purchase of art does not include any reproduction rights.  Buyers who wish to reproduce the art they have purchased must make arrangements directly with the artist or agent.

As is customary with Worldcon Art Shows, Photography will not be permitted.

These should generally be entered in the Print Shop; however, single copies of fine art prints and other limited-edition works are allowed in the main Art Show.  Each reproduction must be clearly identified as such on its bid sheet.  Please include the method of reproduction used (e.g., "Cibachrome" Print: #7 of 50).  If you chose to display a copy of a piece that is also for sale in the Print Shop or the Dealers' Room, please note this information on your bid sheet, since someone who bids on such an item and later discovers that he could have bought the same thing for a fixed price may feel cheated.  Please post a notice on your panel that you have reproductions available in the Print Shop or in the Dealers' Room.

5.  Getting Your Art Work to Japan and Home Again

Artists and Agents are strongly urged either to travel with the art work or to use the joint shipping arrangements that are being coordinated by Nippon 2007.  The appropriate portion of the cost will be paid by the shipping Artist/Agent.  These arrangements are currently being worked on and will be ready for announcement by February 2007.

Due to the substantial effort required for us to unpack, hang, un-hang, and re-pack mailed-in art, there will be an additional fee of $40, plus the actual amount of return shipping for your artwork.

If you mail art to us without our prior written agreement, or do not make provisions for return shipping, your art work will not be returned.  Instead, we will offer the work for auction.  One half of the auction price will be kept by Nippon 2007 as commission for work that is mailed in without prior written agreement.  The remaining portion of the sale price will be mailed to you or your agent.  Unsold art work that is mailed in without prior written agreement, or without provision for return shipping, will not be returned.

Pieces that have been mailed in without return shipping paperwork and expenses will not be returned unless the sale of other pieces from the artist, less commission, provides sufficient revenue to pay for the return shipping.  Should there be any additional revenue due to the artist or agent, payment will be made by December 31, 2007.

6.  Set-Up and Check-In

Artist check-in will be held on Thursday between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m.  (1200 to 1700 Hours), and on Friday by prior arrangement.  The show will open to the public late Thursday afternoon, so it is important that as much artwork as possible be hung by then.  If you are delayed and have not made special arrangements with us, or do not call us if disaster strikes, we may allow someone who was wait-listed to hang their art in your space.

7.  Selling Your Work

Packing material will be available for the use of buyers.  Buyers may carry their purchases with them or ship their purchases as part of Nippon 2007 joint shipment arrangements.  The appropriate portion of the cost of this shipment will be paid by the buyers if they chose to take part in the joint shipping arrangements.

Written Bid Sales:  Each piece in the main Art Show will have a bid sheet/ID tag with information about the piece, and space for written bids.  We expect that it will take 3 to 5 bids to reach the voice auction but have not decided yet.  On Sunday, the show will close for two hours to prepare for the voice auction.

On Sunday evening, after the Art Show reopens, or on Monday, winning bidders must pick up and pay for their art.  Convention members may buy previously unsold pieces.  The Print Shop will be open during this period.

Print Shop Sales:  Whenever the Art Show is open, members may purchase items from the Print Shop at a fixed price, for immediate pick-up.

Auction Sales:  Pieces that have enough bids will be sent to a voice auction.  There will be an auction on Sunday, and there will be a final auction on Monday morning (if needed).

If a bidder does not pick up his purchases, the Art Show will attempt to obtain payment from him.  If this attempt fails, we will ask the next-highest bidder if he still wants the piece at the price he bid.  If that too fails, we will ship the piece back to the artist at our expense.

Artist Alley Tables:  We will have a limited number of tables available for artists who want to do sketches, take commissions, just talk to their fans, etc.  Everyone entering or leaving the Art Show will have to walk past them.  We also plan to have a series of Artist Demonstrations.  Artist Alley tables may be reserved through the Art Show.  Scheduling will be done by Programming.  There is no charge for Artist Alley table space.

Mona Lisa holding a Hugo Award rocket, with Mount Fuji in the background

8.  Artist Pick-Up

You must remove your unsold art between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. (0900 to 1400 Hours) on Monday, September 3, 2007.  If you must leave on Sunday, September 2, 2007, let us know as soon as possible so that we can make special arrangements.

9.  Awards

Ribbons will be awarded for exemplary artwork.  The Best Artist (Professional and Amateur) ribbons will be awarded by popular vote.  A panel of judges will decide the other ribbons.  Balloting will close at 10:00 p.m. (2200 Hours) on Saturday, September 1, 2007.

First prize ribbon - Michael Whelan
Second prize ribbons - Sarah Clemens and Naoyuki Kato
Third prize ribbon - Tsuyoshi Nagano

10.  Cancellations

We will refund your fees in full if we receive notification of your cancellation by August 1, 2007.  If you do not cancel and do not show up, you will receive no refund.

11.  Disclaimer

While we fully intend these to be the rules that actually govern the Nippon 2007 Art Show, we reserve the right to change these rules as we see necessary.  Any interpretations will be guided by the spirit, rather than the letter, of these rules.


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