Pre-Con Travel Checklist


Things to do / remember / consider before leaving for Yokohama:



No tipping in Japan.

Many airlines now have luggage limitations, and may charge extra for number of bags and weight. Consider packing light. You might want to leave room in a suitcase for souvenirs.

Get some Yen at the airport. You'll need something to pay the fare if you take a taxi to your hotel from Yokohama Station. It's bank rate at the Arrival lobby windows.

Narita Departure tax runs ¥2000 (around $18) but may be included in your airfare.  If you haven't checked, you might save some yen for it, with which you can otherwise tip the flight attendants.

You can dispose of excess yen after the con by applying to your hotel bill, room service, etc.

Avoid caffiene during the flight (coffee, cola).  The best way to fly is asleep.

Think about staying up later at night in the pre-con days.  Night owls might suffer less jet lag on arrival.