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Contact Us!

These addresses will get you directly to the people you want.
To report email problems:  ContactUsProblems

Nippon 2007 International Agents

North America
Peggy Rae Sapienza

Vincent Docherty

Australia and New Zealand
Craig Macbride

United Kingdom
Mike (Sparks) Rennie


Nippon 2007 Departments
Issues relating to Handicapped/Disabled Access at Nippon 2007.
Interested in purchasing advertising in Nippon 2007's publications?  Write to us here!
Open subscription list for receiving announcements from the convention.
(anyone may subscribe, but not post)
Questions about the Worldcon Art Show.
Questions about Child Care at Nippon 2007.
Questions about the Con Suite at Nippon 2007.
Questions about the Dealers Room at Nippon 2007.
Information about the harbor dinner cruise.
Address for Nippon 2007's convention publications (Progress Reports, Souvenir Book, etc.).  For questions about advertising in Nippon 2007's publications, write to
Major events at Nippon 2007 including the Hugo Awards Ceremony, Masquerade, and Opening & Closing Ceremonies.  For questions about the Masquerade, write to  For questions about the administration of the Hugo Awards, including eligibility and voting questions, write to For questions about programming other than the major events, write to
Fixed exhibits like the Hugo Award Trophies, History of Worldcon, International Fandom, etc.
Questions about the convention center and function space.  For questions about hotel reservations, write to
Fan groups wishing to promote their convention, bid, club, etc. at a complimentary table in the convention's Exhibits area.
Music of science fiction fandom.
Film program.
Game-related programming.
Questions about Nippon 2007's hotels.  For questions about the convention center or function space, write to
Administration of the 2007 Hugo Awards, including questions on eligibility and rule interpretations.  For questions about the Hugo Awards Ceremony, write to
General information about Nippon 2007.
Information about Lego activities at Nippon 2007.
Transportation and storage of Worldcon-related material to and from the convention, and the setup and tear-down of same.
Questions about the Worldcon Masquerade.  For other events-related questions like the Hugo Awards Ceremony, write to
Questions about membership status, registration, change of address, and membership transfers (same as
Groups planning to hold a party at Nippon 2007 must coordinate their efforts with the convention.  Things are not the same as they are in North America.
Please contact this address about theatrical productions.
Contact point for inquiries from the print, television, and other media news coverage.
Send ideas for Nippon 2007 programming here.
General questions about Nippon 2007's Programming.  For major events like the Hugo Awards and Masquerade, write to
Questions about membership status, registration, change of address, and membership transfers (same as
Trying to find someone to share a room to reduce your hotel costs?  Write to us here.
Official convention merchandise is available through the Sales to Members department.
Administration of the 2009 Worldcon Site Selection election.
Suites in the convention's hotels must be reserved through the convention, not the booking agency.  Write to us here for more information.
Interested in joining a group tour of Japan before or after the convention?  Write to us here.
Worldcons are run completely by volunteers, and we always need more help.  Write to us to help make Worldcon happen!
Questions about the convention web site.
General inquiries about World Science Fiction Society affairs (use only if your inquiry doesn't fit one of the other categories).
WSFS Business Meeting, including questions about procedures and rules for submitting business.

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