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Please Read These Instructions Carefully Before Casting Your Ballot

Eligibility to Vote on-line
Only Attending and Supporting members of Nippon 2007 are eligible to vote using the on-line form. If you are not a member of the 65th World Science Fiction Convention but would like to become a member you can join by using our Online Application for Nippon 2007 Membership. If you prefer, there are paper forms for registering on the Registration page.

In order to vote using this website, you must provide your membership and personal identification numbers which are included on the mailing label used to send you with your ballot. If you do not have your membership number and PIN, please contact the hugo administrator at hugoadmin@nippon2007.us

Here is a downloadable PDF version of the Ballot if you would prefer to submit your ballot in a hardcopy form. In this case, please read the additional instructions included with the PDF. These instructions include how to purchase a membership along with your ballot if you are not currently a member.

All ballots must be received by Midnight (2359hrs), Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, July 31, 2007.

How to Vote
This ballot uses a modified version of the Alternative Vote System, sometimes known as the Australian Ballot or the Instant Runoff Ballot. To vote, mark your choices in each category in order of preference: "1" for first place, "2" for second place, and so on. You are not required to rank all the nominees in any category, and we recommend that you not vote in any category in which you are not familiar with a majority of the nominees. If you decide not to vote in a given category, leave it blank. Note that "No Award" is not an abstention, but a vote that none of the nominees should be given the award in question. When the ballots are counted, all the first place choices will be tabulated. If no nominee has received more than half of the votes, the nominee with the fewest first place votes will be eliminated and its votes transferred to the nominees marked "2" on those ballots. This process of elimination will continue until one nominee receives more than half of the votes, at which point it becomes the winner (unless the votes are outnumbered by "No Award" votes under specific conditions described in Sections 3.11 and 6.4 of the WSFS Constitution: see the Nippon 2007 Progress Report 4 or the WSFS Constitution website).

A few tips that may help you in voting:

  1. Please keep in mind that second and further preferences play no part in the voting unless and until your first choice is eliminated. This is not a point system where many voters' second choices can overwhelm a few voters' first choice. We suggest that after marking your first choice, you proceed by imagining that it has disappeared from the ballot, and placing your "2" by the remaining nominee you most prefer, and so on. This mimics the way the ballots are actually counted. Thus even if your heart is set on one nominee, don't hesitate to give "2" (and higher) ranking to other nominees you also consider worthy of the award.
  2. Nevertheless, if your top choices are eliminated early, your lower preferences could be the tiebreaker between the remaining nominees, so choose all your preferences carefully! No matter how much you dislike a nominee, if you rank it, the vote will be counted if all of your previous choices are eliminated. We recommend that you not rank a nominee that you do not consider worthy of the award. In this way, you can be sure of casting your vote against it in all circumstances.

If you have any questions, feel free to pass them on to us at hugoadmin@nippon2007.us

The Nominees
The nominees that follow were chosen by popular vote by 409 members of Nippon 2007 and L.A.con IV who submitted valid nominating ballots. There were no ties in any category.

As part of the transition between rule sets, the sponsors of the John W. Campbell award extended the eligibility for writers whose eligibility was reduced to one year because of the rules change that went into effect in 2006. This will only affect the awards for 2007.

Reproduction and distribution of this ballot is permitted and encouraged, provided that it is reproduced verbatim (including voting instructions), with no additional material other that the name of the person or publication responsible for the reproduction.

This ballot must be received by midnight (2359hrs) Pacific Standard Time,
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"World Science Fiction Society", "WSFS", "World Science Fiction Convention", "Worldcon", "NASFIC", and "Hugo Award"
are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society

Enter the following information to authenticate voting privilege.
PIN:   Nippon Membership #:

If you'd like a copy of your ballot sent to you by e-mail, please enter your e-mail address below. Please verify that the address is correct before clicking on submit. Nippon 2007 can not be held responsible for invalid e-mail addresses.