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Nippon 2007 Members

public members as of 10 Dec 2006  [ Statistics ]
A - attending     s - supporting

Status Name St/PrvCountry
A AahzCAU.S.A.
A JohnAbbeOR U.S.A.
s Joseph Abbott TX U.S.A.
A Stuart Abbott W Yorks Great Britain
s Paul Abell TX U.S.A.
s Daniel Abraham MA U.S.A.
s Vivian Abraham MA U.S.A.
s Peggy Abram MI U.S.A.
s Steven Abram MI U.S.A.
A Alyson Abramowitz CA U.S.A.
s Steve Acheson CA U.S.A.
A Brett Achorn CA U.S.A.
A Brad Ackerman MD U.S.A.
s Eve Ackerman FL U.S.A.
s Forrest Ackerman CA U.S.A.
s Justin Ackroyd VIC Australia
A Andrew Adams Great Britain
A Iain Adams Great Britain
A Nadia Adams Netherlands
s Pamela Adams CA U.S.A.
s Frank Adams-Watters IL U.S.A.
s Suzanne Adams-Watters IL U.S.A.
s Peter Adkinson WA U.S.A.
A Adina Adler MA U.S.A.
A Lars Adler NRW Germany
s Lisa Adler-Golden MA U.S.A.
s Gary Agin MI U.S.A.
A Robert Ahern E. Sussex Great Britain
s F. Ahsh VA U.S.A.
s George Akin U.S.A.
s Brian Alexander MD U.S.A.
A Robert Alivojvodic Croatia
s Danielle Allen NY U.S.A.
s Deborah Allen KY U.S.A.
A Duncan Allen MA U.S.A.
A James Allen MO U.S.A.
s Kevin Allen NY U.S.A.
s Ryan Allen NY U.S.A.
A Stewart Allen MA U.S.A.
A Charlie Allery Somerset Great Britain
A Todd Allis CA U.S.A.
A Andrew Almond Merseyside Great Britain
A Carol Ann Alves CA U.S.A.
A James Alves CA U.S.A.
A J. Alvord MA U.S.A.
A Nathan Alvord MA U.S.A.
s Thomas Amoroso MA U.S.A.
A Ken Amos IL U.S.A.
A Christopher Amshey MA U.S.A.
s Claire Anderson MA U.S.A.
s Dave Anderson MA U.S.A.
s David-Glenn Anderson UT U.S.A.
A Karen Anderson CA U.S.A.
s Lorelle Anderson MD U.S.A.
s Craig Andrews MD U.S.A.
s France Andrews MD U.S.A.
A Matthew Androlowicz NJ U.S.A.
s Joey Angeli CA U.S.A.
s Kat Angeli CA U.S.A.
s Ron Angeli CA U.S.A.
A Birute Apke IL U.S.A.
A Edward Apke IL U.S.A.
s Sharon Archer NJ U.S.A.
A Bobbi Armbruster CA U.S.A.
s Thomas Atkinson MD U.S.A.
A Alia Atlas CA U.S.A.
s Bonnie Atwood MA U.S.A.
s Deb Atwood NY U.S.A.
s Ted Atwood MA U.S.A.
s Roy Auerbach OH U.S.A.
A Billie Aul NY U.S.A.
A Margaret Austin Great Britain
s B. Avery MD U.S.A.
A Fiona Avery CA U.S.A.
s David Axler PA U.S.A.
s Donald Ayers IL U.S.A.
s Alan Babcock KY U.S.A.
s Karen Babcock WA U.S.A.
s Rue Ann Babcock KY U.S.A.
A William Bacharach PA U.S.A.
A Chaz Baden CA U.S.A.
s Lynn Baden CA U.S.A.
A Margene Bahm MO U.S.A.
A James Bailey CA U.S.A.
s Mark Bailey IL U.S.A.
s Alexander Bailey-Matthews IL U.S.A.
s Tara Baker U.S.A.
A Henry Balen QC Canada
s Gerri Balter MN U.S.A.
s Sylvia Balthrop TX U.S.A.
s Brian Bambrough NY U.S.A.
s Jonni Bantz WA U.S.A.
s Barry Bard AZ U.S.A.
s Mark Barnette FL U.S.A.
s Mark Bartlett MA U.S.A.
s Andrew Barton Herts Great Britain
s Kate Barton Herts Great Britain
s Martha Bartter MD U.S.A.
A Gabby Bate WI U.S.A.
s Gary Bateman ON Canada
s Catherine Bates CT U.S.A.
s Kenn Bates CA U.S.A.
A Allen Batson VA U.S.A.
A Barbara Batson VA U.S.A.
A Kurt Baty TX U.S.A.
A Allen Baum CA U.S.A.
A Stephen Baxter Morpeth Great Britain
A Zara Baxter NSW Australia
A Roberta Beal WI U.S.A.
A Paul Bean MA U.S.A.
s Alan Beatts CA U.S.A.
s Christine Beck MI U.S.A.
s Thomas Beck NJ U.S.A.
s Markus Beckmann Germany
A Cathy Beckstead CA U.S.A.
A Scott Beckstead CA U.S.A.
s David Beecham OH U.S.A.
A Christopher Bell Essex Great Britain
A Sheri Bell VA U.S.A.
A Alan Bellingham Herts Great Britain
A Andri Belmont CA U.S.A.
A Judith Bemis FL U.S.A.
A Jan Bender CA U.S.A.
A Elisabeth Benford CA U.S.A.
s Gregory Benford CA U.S.A.
A William Bennecke IL U.S.A.
A Sheri Benoun CA U.S.A.
s Mary Bentley MD U.S.A.
s Janis Benvie Great Britain
s Kelly Beranger IN U.S.A.
s Theresa Berger MA U.S.A.
s Joseph Berlant NY U.S.A.
s Steven Berman MI U.S.A.
s John Berry WA U.S.A.
s Mary Bertke OH U.S.A.
s Gregg Best PA U.S.A.
A Sabina Betschke Germany
A Wayne Billing MA Canada
A Joshua Bilmes NY U.S.A.
A Katie Bingelis NH U.S.A.
s Sheryl Birkhead MD U.S.A.
s Dainis Bisenieks PA U.S.A.
s James Bishop MI U.S.A.
s William Bishop TX U.S.A.
s Tina Black KS U.S.A.
s Diane Blackwood IL U.S.A.
s Robert Blackwood IL U.S.A.
s John Blaker CA U.S.A.
A Mark Blattel CA U.S.A.
A David Bliss CA U.S.A.
A Gary Blog NJ U.S.A.
A David Bloom CA U.S.A.
s Elaine Bloom NJ U.S.A.
A Kent Bloom CO U.S.A.
A Stella Bloom CA U.S.A.
A Paul Blotkamp MD U.S.A.
s Mary-Rita Blute MD U.S.A.
s Andrew Boardman MA U.S.A.
A Scott Bobo GA U.S.A.
s Joe Bocherer OH U.S.A.
s Nina Bogin NY U.S.A.
s Robert Bolgeo FL U.S.A.
s Tim Bolgeo TN U.S.A.
s R. Bollerud AZ U.S.A.
s Alex Boster CA U.S.A.
A Mitchell Botwin FL U.S.A.
s Stephen Boucher VIC Australia
A Robbie Bourget Berks Great Britain
A Peter Boutin BC Canada
s Karen Boyd TN U.S.A.
s Walt Boyes IL U.S.A.
A Jacky Boykin CA U.S.A.
A Bridget Boyle NH U.S.A.
A Amy Bradley WA U.S.A.
s James Bradley MD U.S.A.
A John Bradley WA U.S.A.
s Lee Bradley NV U.S.A.
A Wendy Bradley England Great Britain
A Simon Bradshaw Cambridgeshire Great Britain
s Ken Brady CA U.S.A.
s Michael Braithwaite Great Britain
s Richard Brandshaft WA U.S.A.
A William Brang MI U.S.A.
s J. Brannon DE U.S.A.
s Joseph Braviak NJ U.S.A.
s Susan Braviak NJ U.S.A.
A Seth Breidbart MN U.S.A.
A Michael Brennan CA U.S.A.
A Nancy Brennan CA U.S.A.
s L. Brice AZ U.S.A.
s Barrett Brick DC U.S.A.
s George Brickner IL U.S.A.
A James Briggs CA U.S.A.
s Lyndie Bright MB Canada
s M. Brim IL U.S.A.
s Marsha Brim IL U.S.A.
A Ariana Brin CA U.S.A.
A Benjamin Brin CA U.S.A.
A Cheryl Brin CA U.S.A.
A David Brin CA U.S.A.
A Terren Brin CA U.S.A.
s Tom Brincefield OH U.S.A.
s Mike Brind London Great Britain
s Stephen Brinich VA U.S.A.
s Jennifer Brinn VA U.S.A.
s Leon Briones NJ U.S.A.
s Christine Brockway CA U.S.A.
A Ann Broomhead MA U.S.A.
A Ben Brown Hertfordshire Great Britain
A Charles Brown CA U.S.A.
s Debbie Brown PA U.S.A.
A Felicity Brown Hertfordshire Great Britain
A James Brown IL U.S.A.
A Jordan Brown CA U.S.A.
A Kimberlee Brown CA U.S.A.
A Phylis Brown FL U.S.A.
A Rebekah Brown MA U.S.A.
s Scott Brown PA U.S.A.
s Wayne Brown NY U.S.A.
A Joanne Browne Great Britain
s Michael Browne NY U.S.A.
A Nancy Bruce ON Canada
s Janet Bruesselbach RI U.S.A.
A David Brummel TX U.S.A.
A Bonnie Brunish NJ U.S.A.
A Damita Bryant NJ U.S.A.
A Kelly Buchanan New Zealand
A George Budge Middlesex Great Britain
A Margaret Bumby MI U.S.A.
A Erik Bunce MA U.S.A.
A Jennifer Bunce MA U.S.A.
s Jill Burgard VA U.S.A.
s Kathleen Burke OR U.S.A.
s Michael Burstein MA U.S.A.
s Nomi Burstein MA U.S.A.
s Gerald Burton OK U.S.A.
s Lillian Butler TX U.S.A.
A Padraig Butler County Dublin Ireland
s Diana Bynum OH U.S.A.
A Chuck Cady AZ U.S.A.
s Colleen Cahill MD U.S.A.
s Dan Caldwell TN U.S.A.
s Jeff Calhoun OH U.S.A.
s D. Calkins MA U.S.A.
s Christine Callahan MD U.S.A.
A Rob Callen Hants Great Britain
s Cori Callicotte OH U.S.A.
s John Callicotte OH U.S.A.
s Caryn Cameron BC Canada
A John Campbell Rees RhondaCynonTaff   Great Britain
A Eileen Capes AB Canada
A Diane Capewell CA U.S.A.
A Stuart Capewell CA U.S.A.
s Jack Caplan MD U.S.A.
A Peter Card Oxfordshire Great Britain
s Doug Carey OH U.S.A.
s Elisabeth Carey MA U.S.A.
s Mary Carey OH U.S.A.
s Stephen Carey DE U.S.A.
s Gordon Carleton MI U.S.A.
s Gertrud Carlson PA U.S.A.
s Lorna Carlson PA U.S.A.
s Vivian Carlson PA U.S.A.
s Wendy Carlson U.S.A.
A Christine Carpenito MA U.S.A.
A Russell Carpenito MA U.S.A.
A Paul Carpentier WA U.S.A.
A Grant Carrington MD U.S.A.
A Liz Carroll WI U.S.A.
s Johnny Carruthers KY U.S.A.
s Dana Carson MD U.S.A.
s Melinda Carson MD U.S.A.
s Coreen Casey OR U.S.A.
A Dennis Caswell WV U.S.A.
s Ann Catelli CT U.S.A.
s Cokie Cavin OH U.S.A.
s Ann Cecil PA U.S.A.
s Dave Chalker MD U.S.A.
s Steven Chalker MD U.S.A.
s Lori Chaper-Carleton MI U.S.A.
A James Chapman Suffolk Great Britain
s Galen Charlton AK U.S.A.
A Suzy Charnas NM U.S.A.
s Philip Chee Malaysia
A Kathleen Cheeseman VA U.S.A.
A Elsa Chen MA U.S.A.
s Anton Chernoff MA U.S.A.
s Peggy Chernoff MA U.S.A.
A Frank Chick ValeOfGlamorgan  Great Britain
A Sandra Childress CA U.S.A.
s Lisa Ching CA U.S.A.
s Walter Chisholm CA U.S.A.
A Michal Cholewa Poland
A Flick Christian London Great Britain
A Ewan Chrystal Berkshire Great Britain
s Alina Chu NY U.S.A.
s Richard Chwedyk IL U.S.A.
A Liz Cibulskis IL U.S.A.
s Pat Ciuffreda MD U.S.A.
s Gerry Clancy ON Canada
A David Clark CA U.S.A.
s Gerald Clark IL U.S.A.
s Steven Clark NJ U.S.A.
s Winifred Clark NJ U.S.A.
A Gavin Claypool CA U.S.A.
s Beverly Clement OH U.S.A.
s Joe Clement OH U.S.A.
s Melissa Clemmer IL U.S.A.
A Robert Clifford AE U.S.A.
A Ruie Clifford AE U.S.A.
A Grantham Clift NSW Australia
A Carolyn Clink ON Canada
s Vincent Clowney NY U.S.A.
s Richard Coad CA U.S.A.
s Melinda Coates OH U.S.A.
A Nancy Cobb NY U.S.A.
s David Cochrane Berkshire Great Britain
A Sandy Cohen CA U.S.A.
s Susan Cohen MD U.S.A.
A Bob Colby MA U.S.A.
A Anita Cole FL U.S.A.
s Larry Cole IL U.S.A.
s Susan Cole FL U.S.A.
s Art Coleman VA U.S.A.
s Christina Collins MO U.S.A.
s Gerald Collins MO U.S.A.
A Lars Colson MA U.S.A.
A Sue Ellen Colter CA U.S.A.
s Cary Conder BC Canada
s Byron Connell NY U.S.A.
s Christine Connell NY U.S.A.
s Karen Connell CA U.S.A.
A Nelson Connington Gloucestershire Great Britain
A Judith Conrad MN U.S.A.
s Glen Cook MO U.S.A.
s Norman Cook CA U.S.A.
s Robin Cookson VA U.S.A.
A Chris Cooper Herts Great Britain
s Dave Cooper NJ U.S.A.
A Kathleen Cooper Herts Great Britain
A Stephen Cooper Hertfordshire Great Britain
s Suzanne Cooper NJ U.S.A.
A Elizabeth Copeland WA U.S.A.
A Jeffery Copeland WA U.S.A.
s John Cornette NY U.S.A.
s Brendan Corwin MO U.S.A.
s Scott Corwin MO U.S.A.
A David Cotterill London Great Britain
s Juanita Coulson OH U.S.A.
s Lori Coulson OH U.S.A.
s Aaron Court NY U.S.A.
s Carol Courtney NY U.S.A.
s Christina Cowan VA U.S.A.
A Jeremy Cowan IL U.S.A.
s F. Cox VT U.S.A.
s Melissa Cox VA U.S.A.
s Tammy Coxen MI U.S.A.
A Kathryn Cramer NY U.S.A.
s Catherine Crockett ON Canada
s David Crockett CT U.S.A.
s Don Crossman MD U.S.A.
A Jerry Crosson PA U.S.A.
s Adria Crum NY U.S.A.
s Jerry Crutcher MD U.S.A.
s Ctein CA U.S.A.
A Harriet Culver NY U.S.A.
A S. Curtis CA U.S.A.
A Raymond Cyrus IL U.S.A.
s Angelo D'Alessio CT U.S.A.
s Charlene D'Alessio CT U.S.A.
s David D'Antonio MA U.S.A.
A Stephen Dahlin CA U.S.A.
s David Damerell Berkshire Great Britain
A Michael Dann BC Canada
s Al Darragh Great Britain
s Jared Dashoff PA U.S.A.
A Joni Dashoff PA U.S.A.
A Todd Dashoff PA U.S.A.
A Ellen Datlow NY U.S.A.
A James Daugherty NV U.S.A.
A Jason Davenport PA U.S.A.
s Elka Davidoff MA U.S.A.
s Solomon Davidoff MA U.S.A.
A Corwin Davidson CA U.S.A.
A Howard Davidson CA U.S.A.
A Tom Davidson TX U.S.A.
A Brian Davis NB Canada
s Jennifer Davis CA U.S.A.
A Kammi Davis UT U.S.A.
s Kevin Davis FL U.S.A.
s Warren Davis NY U.S.A.
A John Day NE U.S.A.
A Genevieve Dazzo CA U.S.A.
s Susan de Guardiola CT U.S.A.
A John de Longpre MI U.S.A.
s Peter De Weerdt Antwerp Belgium
A Simon de Wolfe East Sussex Great Britain
s Frank Deaner U.S.A.
A Simon Dearn Middlesex Great Britain
A Alma Deckert WA U.S.A.
s Linda DeLaurentis NY U.S.A.
s Tom DeMarco NJ U.S.A.
s Patricia Demetri CA U.S.A.
s Jay Denebeim AZ U.S.A.
s Gay Ellen Dennett MA U.S.A.
s Jane Dennis KY U.S.A.
s Richard Dennis NC U.S.A.
s Scott Dennis KY U.S.A.
A Daniel Dern MA U.S.A.
A Apurva Desai VA U.S.A.
s Steven desJardins DC U.S.A.
s Martin Deutsch MD U.S.A.
s Bob Devney MA U.S.A.
A Frank Dietz GA U.S.A.
s Lois Diggs VT U.S.A.
A Patricia Diggs CA U.S.A.
s Ramona Dillon OH U.S.A.
s Carolyn Ding CA U.S.A.
s Joanna Dionne MD U.S.A.
s Wayne Dionne MD U.S.A.
A Joseph Dirk PA U.S.A.
A Andrew Diseker CA U.S.A.
s Jody Dix ON Canada
A Dermot Dobson Great Britain
A Guest of Docherty U.S.A.
A Vincent Docherty Netherlands
s Cory Doctorow U.S.A.
A Tatiana Doherty NY U.S.A.
s Paul Dolenac AZ U.S.A.
s Laura Domitz TX U.S.A.
A Ira Donewitz NY U.S.A.
A Regis Donovan MA U.S.A.
s Rosy Dorffner MD U.S.A.
s Joseph Dorffner, Jr. MD U.S.A.
A Paul Dormer Great Britain
s Leo Doroschenko NJ U.S.A.
s Douglas Doucette WA U.S.A.
s Cheri Douglas TX U.S.A.
s John Douglas NY U.S.A.
s John Douglass TX U.S.A.
s Andy Drake MA U.S.A.
s Jenny Drake MA U.S.A.
A Douglas Drummond IL U.S.A.
s David Drysdale Lothian Great Britain
A AL du Pisani South Africa
s Diane Duane Co. Wicklow Ireland
s Fred Duarte TX U.S.A.
s Darien Duck ON Canada
A Bobbie DuFault WA U.S.A.
A John Duff MD U.S.A.
s Lynn Duff MD U.S.A.
s Sarah Duff MD U.S.A.
A Thomas Dunn, Jr. CA U.S.A.
A Bonnie Dunnavant PA U.S.A.
A Jonathan Dunnavant PA U.S.A.
A Peter Dupler NJ U.S.A.
s Nancy Durgin CA U.S.A.
A Chris Duval CA U.S.A.
A Kathryn Duval CA U.S.A.
A Andrew Dyer CA U.S.A.
s Christine Dziadosz IL U.S.A.
A Martin Easterbrook Wilts Great Britain
A Jill Eastlake MA U.S.A.
A Donald Eastlake, III MA U.S.A.
A Theresa Ebenhoe CT U.S.A.
A Gary Echternacht CA U.S.A.
A Scott Edelman WV U.S.A.
s Laurie Edison CA U.S.A.
A Chris Edwards PA U.S.A.
A Emily Egan TX U.S.A.
s Rod Eggleston TX U.S.A.
s Shari Eggleston TX U.S.A.
s Janice Eisen WI U.S.A.
A Lise Eisenberg NY U.S.A.
s Susan Eisenhour IL U.S.A.
A Thomas Eivins CA U.S.A.
s Anna Eley GA U.S.A.
s Stephen Eley GA U.S.A.
A Herman Ellingsen Norway
A Michele Ellington TX U.S.A.
s Russ Elliott WA U.S.A.
s Doug Ellis IL U.S.A.
s Alan Elms CA U.S.A.
A Udo Emmerich Germany
A Christopher Enberg MN U.S.A.
A Jason Enberg MN U.S.A.
A Satomi Enberg MN U.S.A.
s Richard Eney MD U.S.A.
A Kathleen Enfranca KS U.S.A.
s James Engle OH U.S.A.
s Jean Ensling CT U.S.A.
s Kurt Erichsen OH U.S.A.
s Wilma Estes CA U.S.A.
A Paul Evanby Netherlands
A Andrea Evans CA U.S.A.
s Mark Evans OH U.S.A.
s Phil Evans OH U.S.A.
s Russell Evans OH U.S.A.
A Darrel Exline CA U.S.A.
s Martha Fabish IL U.S.A.
s B. Fairchild U.S.A.
A Jennie Faries NC U.S.A.
s Dale Farmer MA U.S.A.
A David Farmer MD U.S.A.
s Paula Farrior LA U.S.A.
A Doug Faunt CA U.S.A.
s William Fawcett IL U.S.A.
A Moshe Feder NY U.S.A.
A Gary Feldbaum PA U.S.A.
s Allison Feldhusen MA U.S.A.
s Michael Feldhusen MA U.S.A.
s Jude Feldman CA U.S.A.
s Thomas Feller TN U.S.A.
A Steve Fellows TX U.S.A.
s Robert Fenelon NJ U.S.A.
s jan finder NY U.S.A.
s Ed Finkelstein CA U.S.A.
A Louise Firner NJ U.S.A.
A Paul Fischer VA U.S.A.
A Glen Fisher CA U.S.A.
s Jonathan Fisher TN U.S.A.
A Naomi Fisher AL U.S.A.
s Catherine Fitzsimmons IL U.S.A.
A James Flanagan FL U.S.A.
s Sally Flanagan DC U.S.A.
A West Flanagan FL U.S.A.
s Stephen Fleming GA U.S.A.
s Lyndon Fletcher TX U.S.A.
s Melanie Fletcher TX U.S.A.
s Darrell Flynn MO U.S.A.
s Francesca Flynn CA U.S.A.
A John Flynn MD U.S.A.
A Terry Fong QC Canada
s John Ford MN U.S.A.
A Erik Fornander Sweden
s Janice Foss CA U.S.A.
A Richard Foss CA U.S.A.
A Adrienne Foster CA U.S.A.
s Angela Fox MI U.S.A.
A Bobbi Fox MA U.S.A.
s Den Fox NY U.S.A.
s Richard Fox MI U.S.A.
s Sharon Fox NY U.S.A.
s Jack Foy WA U.S.A.
A Charles Fozard MD U.S.A.
A Colette Fozard MD U.S.A.
s Richard France IL U.S.A.
s Susette France IL U.S.A.
s Steve Francis KY U.S.A.
s Sue Francis KY U.S.A.
s C. Franklin OH U.S.A.
s Ariel Franklin-Hudson MA U.S.A.
s Laura Frankos CA U.S.A.
s Shirley Frantz CO U.S.A.
s Paul Frazier U.S.A.
s James Frech MO U.S.A.
s Marica Frechette NC U.S.A.
A Gail Freedman PA U.S.A.
s H. Freeman CA U.S.A.
A Lisa Freitag MN U.S.A.
s Pam Fremon MA U.S.A.
A Chris French OR U.S.A.
A Ian French Merseyside Great Britain
s John Freyer NJ U.S.A.
s Douglas Friauf MN U.S.A.
A Anders Frihagen Norway
s Deborah Fulton IL U.S.A.
A Kathleen Fulton CA U.S.A.
A Carol Fyfe ON Canada
A David Gaeddert NY U.S.A.
s Benita Gagne CA U.S.A.
A Dean Gahlon MN U.S.A.
s Edward Gaillard NY U.S.A.
s Elena Gaillard NY U.S.A.
s Janice Galeckas IL U.S.A.
A David Gallaher CA U.S.A.
s Mitch Gallaher WA U.S.A.
A Tom Galloway CA U.S.A.
s John Galt CA U.S.A.
A Gordon Garb CA U.S.A.
s Michael Gardiner MI U.S.A.
s Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale OH U.S.A.
s Judith Gaskins IN U.S.A.
s Christopher Gawronski OH U.S.A.
A Helen Gbala IL U.S.A.
A Tayonon Gbala IL U.S.A.
A Tylr Gbala IL U.S.A.
s Barbara Gear U.S.A.
s Martin Gear MD U.S.A.
A Mark Geary OH U.S.A.
s Dancing Feather Geiger OH U.S.A.
s Deb Geisler MA U.S.A.
s Janice Gelb VIC Australia
A Larry Gelfand NY U.S.A.
A Sarah Gellis NY U.S.A.
s Jay Gerst VA U.S.A.
A Tom Giese MI U.S.A.
A Jerry Gieseke WA U.S.A.
s Lucinda Gille-Rowley MO U.S.A.
s Brendan Gillen Ireland
s Valerie Gillespy OH U.S.A.
s Kerry Gilley KY U.S.A.
s Richard Gilliam MI U.S.A.
A Erica Ginter MD U.S.A.
A Karl Ginter MD U.S.A.
A Lydia Ginter MD U.S.A.
s Kelley Giovannocci TX U.S.A.
s Fran Giuffre MA U.S.A.
A Miriam Glanz NY U.S.A.
A Wendy Glasser CA U.S.A.
s Robert Glaub MD U.S.A.
A Glenn Glazer CA U.S.A.
A Mike Glyer CA U.S.A.
A Jean Goddin AZ U.S.A.
s Barry Gold CA U.S.A.
s Lee Gold CA U.S.A.
s Lynn Gold CA U.S.A.
s M. Goldhammer CO U.S.A.
A Diane Goldman CA U.S.A.
s Larry Gomez AZ U.S.A.
A Cynthia Gonsalves CA U.S.A.
s Jean Gonzalez NY U.S.A.
A Edward Goto WI U.S.A.
A Robert Gott TX U.S.A.
A Roger Goun NH U.S.A.
s William Gowen WA U.S.A.
s Gavin Grant MA U.S.A.
A Michelle Gray Great Britain
s Cathy Green DC U.S.A.
s Deborah Green NY U.S.A.
A Ed Green CA U.S.A.
s Eleanor Green NJ U.S.A.
A Estelita Green PA U.S.A.
A Priscilla Green PA U.S.A.
s Megan Greenberg OH U.S.A.
s Scott Greenberg OH U.S.A.
A Edith Greene CA U.S.A.
A Robert Greene CA U.S.A.
A David Greenlaw ON Canada
A John Greenwald CT U.S.A.
s Ward Griffiths NJ U.S.A.
A Jon Grimwood Hampshire Great Britain
A Elizabeth Gross OH U.S.A.
A Merryl Gross MA U.S.A.
s Michael Grossberg OH U.S.A.
A David Grubbs MA U.S.A.
s Katie Grudy OH U.S.A.
s Eileen Gunn WA U.S.A.
A Fritz Gunnarsson Sweden
s Alfred Guy, Jr. CT U.S.A.
A Yves Guzadhur Great Britain
A Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf Sweden
s Neyir Gökce ON Canada
A Halmer Haag MD U.S.A.
s Trace Hagemann OH U.S.A.
A Vanora Hagen MD U.S.A.
A Paul Haggerty MD U.S.A.
A Elizabeth Hail TX U.S.A.
A Gay Haldeman FL U.S.A.
A Joe Haldeman Fl U.S.A.
s Anna Hall IN U.S.A.
A Gary Hall OH U.S.A.
A Stacey Hallman CA U.S.A.
s Katie Hamad OH U.S.A.
s Kathryn Hamilton OH U.S.A.
s Michael Hammond NY U.S.A.
s S. Hammond NY U.S.A.
s D. Hancock ON Canada
s Tom Hanlon LA U.S.A.
A Michael Hanna CA U.S.A.
s Marcie Hansen NV U.S.A.
A Elaine Hanson MA U.S.A.
A John Harold Berks Great Britain
A Clay Harris MN U.S.A.
A Colin Harris Great Britain
s Marlene Harris AK U.S.A.
A Irene Harrison CT U.S.A.
s Claudia Harsh OH U.S.A.
s Minda Hart MI U.S.A.
A David Hartwell NY U.S.A.
s Susan Hastings MN U.S.A.
s Christine Hasty IL U.S.A.
s Rocky Hasty IL U.S.A.
A Andrew Hatchell NC U.S.A.
s Robert Hatly IL U.S.A.
s Les Haven AL U.S.A.
A Andrew Hawkins MA U.S.A.
s Heather Hawkins OH U.S.A.
s John Hawkinson MA U.S.A.
s Pat Hayes SC U.S.A.
s Dave Hayman ON Canada
s Judith Hayman ON Canada
s Timothy Hays VA U.S.A.
s Jim Hayter OH U.S.A.
s Bronwen Heap MA U.S.A.
s Caroline Heaton ON Canada
s Peter Heck MD U.S.A.
s Suzanne Hediger VA U.S.A.
A Olaf Heggdal Norway
A Edgar Held Limburg Netherlands
A Eugene Heller ON Canada
s Stuart Hellinger NY U.S.A.
A Arthur Henderson VA U.S.A.
A Rebecca Henderson VA U.S.A.
A Jack Heneghan CO U.S.A.
s Margaret Henry OH U.S.A.
s Tracy Henry MD U.S.A.
s Jim Henry, III GA U.S.A.
s Robert Hepperle NJ U.S.A.
s Geoff Herald CT U.S.A.
s David Herrington IN U.S.A.
A Mark Herrup IL U.S.A.
A Allison Hershey CA U.S.A.
s Lisa Hertel MA U.S.A.
s Joe Hertz VA U.S.A.
A John Hertz CA U.S.A.
A Melanie Herz FL U.S.A.
s Kevin Hewett NM U.S.A.
A Inge Heyer HI U.S.A.
s Dino Hicks TN U.S.A.
s Sue Hicks TN U.S.A.
s Wayne Hicks TN U.S.A.
s Susan Hikida CA U.S.A.
A Robert Hillis OH U.S.A.
s Colin Hinz ON Canada
A Nicholas Hipp CA U.S.A.
A Samantha Hipp CA U.S.A.
A Scott Hipp CA U.S.A.
s Jan Hise IA U.S.A.
s Tom Hise IA U.S.A.
s Chip Hitchcock MA U.S.A.
s Martin Hoare Berks Great Britain
A Robin Hobb WA U.S.A.
s P. Hodgell WI U.S.A.
A Robert Hodkinson West Yorkshire Great Britain
A Dan Hoey DC U.S.A.
s Gary Hoff WA Australia
A Joan Hoffman NY U.S.A.
s Julie Hoffman OH U.S.A.
s Linda Hoffman BC Canada
s Rainer Hofmeister Austria
s Joan Hofstetter TX U.S.A.
s Michael Holland CT U.S.A.
A Kathryn Hollander MD U.S.A.
s John Hollis TN U.S.A.
A Martha Holloway VA U.S.A.
s John-Henri Holmberg Sweden
s Susan Honeck MI U.S.A.
s Joyce Hooper CA U.S.A.
A William Hooper CA U.S.A.
s Priscilla Hopkins KS U.S.A.
A Steven Hopley Merseyside Great Britain
s Mirriam Horowitz NM U.S.A.
s Marian Horseman MD U.S.A.
A Colin Hort Herts Great Britain
s Richard Horton MO U.S.A.
s Ronald Hosler CO U.S.A.
s James Houghton OH U.S.A.
s Kirsten Houseknecht PA U.S.A.
A Birgit Houston NH U.S.A.
A Dave Howell WA U.S.A.
s Bob Hranek PA U.S.A.
A Rachelle Hrubetz IA U.S.A.
s Robert Hubbard IN U.S.A.
s Charles Huber CA U.S.A.
s Jim Hudson WI U.S.A.
s Sandra Huibers WA U.S.A.
A Elizabeth Hull IL U.S.A.
s Charles Hulse KS U.S.A.
s Jeffrey Hulten WA U.S.A.
A Bill Humphries CA U.S.A.
A Diana Hunt MI U.S.A.
A George Hunt MI U.S.A.
A Katherine Hunt MI U.S.A.
A Kathyrn Hunt MI U.S.A.
s Melinda Hutson OR U.S.A.
s Gordon Huxford IN U.S.A.
A Leigh Hyde ACT Australia
A Sandra Hyde ACT Australia
s TJ Hämäläinen Finland
A Tore Høie Norway
A David Iannaccone MA U.S.A.
A Marcia Illigworth Cambridgeshire Great Britain
A Tim Illigworth Cambridgeshire Great Britain
s Mark Irwin IL U.S.A.
A Christina Iyama-Kurtycz WI U.S.A.
A Daniel Iyama-Kurtycz WI U.S.A.
A David Iyama-Kurtycz WI U.S.A.
A Jonathan Iyama-Kurtycz WI U.S.A.
s Ann Marie Jackowski CT U.S.A.
s Walter Jackowski CT U.S.A.
s Saul Jaffe NJ U.S.A.
s Michal Jakuszewski Poland
A Simon James Hampshire Great Britain
A Andrew Jamieson Gauteng South Africa
A Eileen Jamieson Gauteng South Africa
A Gail Jamieson Gauteng South Africa
A Ian Jamieson Gauteng South Africa
s Phil Jansen OR U.S.A.
A Kristin Janz MA U.S.A.
s Laura Jean MN U.S.A.
s Michael Jencevice IL U.S.A.
s Stacey Jenkins CA U.S.A.
A Bill Jensen MD U.S.A.
A Toni Jerrman Finland
s Jane Jewell MD U.S.A.
A Mary Jane Jewell CA U.S.A.
A Erik Johnson CA U.S.A.
s Janice Johnson OH U.S.A.
s Laura Johnson BC Canada
s Lisa Johnson BC Canada
A Robin Johnson TAS Australia
s Angela Jones WA U.S.A.
A Bonnie Jones IL U.S.A.
A Karen Jones NY U.S.A.
s Kate Jones MD U.S.A.
A Lenore Jones NJ U.S.A.
s Tamara Jones IA U.S.A.
A Karen Jordan CO U.S.A.
A Earl Josserand TX U.S.A.
s Hubert Julian OH U.S.A.
A Joan Juozenas IL U.S.A.
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s Anita Kafka MS U.S.A.
s Vylar Kaftan CA U.S.A.
s Jeanne Kahn MA U.S.A.
s Walter Kahn MA U.S.A.
s Larry Kalb OH U.S.A.
s Maribeth Kalb OH U.S.A.
s Frank Kalisz IN U.S.A.
s Millie Kalisz IN U.S.A.
s Louise Kane ON U.S.A.
s Muriel Kanter MA U.S.A.
A Peter Kappesser NY U.S.A.
s Takayuki Karahashi CA U.S.A.
s Michael Karasoff CA U.S.A.
s Susan Karasoff CA U.S.A.
s Jordin Kare WA U.S.A.
s Mary Kay Kare WA U.S.A.
s Joe Karpierz IL U.S.A.
A Lorinda Kasten-Lowerre CA U.S.A.
A Keith Kato CA U.S.A.
A Catlin Katz TX U.S.A.
A Ronni Katz NJ U.S.A.
A Ronnie Katz TX U.S.A.
A Rick Katze MA U.S.A.
A Amy Kauderer NY U.S.A.
A Shannon Kauderer NY U.S.A.
s Dave Kaufman IL U.S.A.
s Jerry Kaufman WA U.S.A.
s Celia Kavanaugh OH U.S.A.
s Yozo Kawazoe CA U.S.A.
s Neva Kaye ME U.S.A.
A William Keaton VA U.S.A.
A Morris Keesan MA U.S.A.
s Carl Keim NM U.S.A.
s Lorna Keith FL U.S.A.
s Alice Kelley OH U.S.A.
A Ben Kelly CA U.S.A.
s Timothy Keltner KS U.S.A.
A Bonnie Kenderdine MA U.S.A.
A Melita Kennedy CA U.S.A.
s Michael Kennedy AL U.S.A.
s Robert Kennedy, Jr. CA U.S.A.
A Allan Kent MA U.S.A.
A Linda Kepner NH U.S.A.
A Quinn Kepner NH U.S.A.
A Terry Kepner NH U.S.A.
s Ada Kerman OR U.S.A.
s Daniel Kimmel MA U.S.A.
s Leigh Kimmel IN U.S.A.
A Lance Kind WA U.S.A.
s Judith Kindell VA U.S.A.
s David King MA U.S.A.
s Deborah King MA U.S.A.
s Shane King NJ U.S.A.
s Sheba King NJ U.S.A.
A Trina King NY U.S.A.
s Michael Kingsley TN U.S.A.
s Sabine Kirstein CT U.S.A.
s Mike Kiss ON Canada
A Gary Kitchen IN U.S.A.
A Robert Klein SK Canada
A Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink CA U.S.A.
s David Kleiner MD U.S.A.
s Robyn Kleiner MD U.S.A.
A Lincoln Kliman NY U.S.A.
s Susanne Kloeb OH U.S.A.
A Brian Knapp CT U.S.A.
A Mary Knapp CT U.S.A.
s Paul Knight WI U.S.A.
s Eileen Kobee OH U.S.A.
s Robert Kobee OH U.S.A.
s Sally Kobee OH U.S.A.
s April Koehler PA U.S.A.
s August Koehler PA U.S.A.
A Lynn Koehler PA U.S.A.
s William Koehler, III PA U.S.A.
s Ken Kol MN U.S.A.
A Arin Komins IL U.S.A.
s Daniel Korn MD U.S.A.
A Damon Koronakos CA U.S.A.
s Angela Korra'ti WA U.S.A.
A R'ykandar Korra'ti WA U.S.A.
A Mel Jane Kosick WA Australia
A Ronald Kotkiewicz FL U.S.A.
s Richard Kovalcik MA U.S.A.
s Elspeth Kovar MD U.S.A.
A Kathryn Kozora Shanghai China
s Douglas Kral NY U.S.A.
s Ann Kramer OH U.S.A.
s Chris Kramer OH U.S.A.
s Ellen Kranzer MA U.S.A.
A Ruben Krasnopolsky ON Canada
s Dina Krause IL U.S.A.
s George Krause IL U.S.A.
s Sydnie Krause IL U.S.A.
s Bradley Krentz MB U.S.A.
A Laura Krentz MN U.S.A.
A Jack Krolak WA U.S.A.
A Joshua Kronengold NY U.S.A.
A Grant Kruger MS U.S.A.
s Roy Krupp NJ U.S.A.
A Stefan Krzywicki NJ U.S.A.
A Chris Kuan NSW Australia
A Sarah Kubier CO U.S.A.
s Lutz Kuech Germany
s Laura Kuiper CA U.S.A.
A Cheryl Kujawa NY U.S.A.
A Tessa Kum VIC Australia
A Waldemar Kumming Germany
A Minna Kumpulainen Finland
A Tom Kunsman OH U.S.A.
s Ernst Kuschel NY U.S.A.
A Ellen Kushner NY U.S.A.
s Stephanie Kwandrans MA U.S.A.
A David Kyle NY U.S.A.
A Fiona La Croix MS U.S.A.
s 'Zanne Labonville MA U.S.A.
A Diane Lacey ON Canada
s Valerie Laczko OH U.S.A.
A Ruth Anne Ladue CA U.S.A.
s Jay Lake OR U.S.A.
A Kyle Lambert OR U.S.A.
A Marcia Lambert OR U.S.A.
A Rick Lancaster IA U.S.A.
A Geoffrey Landis OH U.S.A.
A James Landis MI U.S.A.
s Michele Landon CA U.S.A.
s Stephen Landon CA U.S.A.
s Elizabeth Langford IN U.S.A.
s Laura Langford NY U.S.A.
A Andrew Langhammer Great Britain
s Devra Langsam NY U.S.A.
s Paul Lappen CT U.S.A.
s Jennifer Larose MI U.S.A.
A Alexander Latzko NH U.S.A.
A William Laubenheimer CA U.S.A.
s Joann Lawler PA U.S.A.
A Matt Lawrence TX U.S.A.
s Toni Lay NY U.S.A.
A Alexis Layton MA U.S.A.
s Judy Lazar CA U.S.A.
s Thuy Le WA U.S.A.
A Jane Leavell OH U.S.A.
s Nancy Lebovitz PA U.S.A.
s Stephen Lee OH U.S.A.
s Joanne Legare AP Japan
s Joanne Legare AP Japan
s Matt Leger GA U.S.A.
s Laura LeHew OR U.S.A.
s Liz Lehmann NY U.S.A.
A Ruth Leibig CA U.S.A.
A Hope Leibowitz ON Canada
s Bob Leigh MA U.S.A.
s Sheila Lenkman MO U.S.A.
A Sean Leonard MA U.S.A.
A Fred Lerner VT U.S.A.
s Neil Lerner PA U.S.A.
s Rachell Lerner PA U.S.A.
A David Levine OR U.S.A.
s Rennie Levine NY U.S.A.
s Deborah Levinson MA U.S.A.
s Sandra Levy IL U.S.A.
A Anthony Lewis MA U.S.A.
s Brian Lewis VA U.S.A.
A Judith Lewis Oxfordshire Great Britain
A Suford Lewis MA U.S.A.
s Mabel Liang MA U.S.A.
s J. Libby VA U.S.A.
s Julia Liberman MA U.S.A.
s Jacqueline Lichtenberg AZ U.S.A.
s Bob Lidral MA U.S.A.
A Danny Lieberman NY U.S.A.
A Paula Lieberman MA U.S.A.
s Michael Liebmann GA U.S.A.
A Anton Lien Norway
s Andre Lieven ON Canada
s Michele Liguori MA U.S.A.
s Keith Lim BC Canada
s Tamar Lindsay MD U.S.A.
A Mark Linneman CA U.S.A.
s Philip Lipari NJ U.S.A.
s Elan Litt NY U.S.A.
A Paul Loeschke MD U.S.A.
s Jim Lohmann CA U.S.A.
s Janet Lohr OH U.S.A.
s Judson Lohr OH U.S.A.
s Brendan Lonehawk IL U.S.A.
s Ann Loomis PA U.S.A.
s Austin Loomis PA U.S.A.
s P. Loomis PA U.S.A.
s Steven Lopata AR U.S.A.
s John Lorentz OR U.S.A.
A Jean Lorrah KY U.S.A.
s Mike Louden MN U.S.A.
s J. Love MA U.S.A.
A Karen Lowe W Yorks Great Britain
A Jim Lowerre CA U.S.A.
s Margaret Lowry MA U.S.A.
A Gaye Ludwig CA U.S.A.
A Donald Lundry VA U.S.A.
A Celia Luner WI U.S.A.
A Robert Luoma MA U.S.A.
A Perrianne Lurie PA U.S.A.
s David Lussier MA U.S.A.
A Bradford Lyau CA U.S.A.
s David Lyman FL U.S.A.
s Deanna Lyman FL U.S.A.
A Keith Lynch VA U.S.A.
s Nicki Lynch MD U.S.A.
s Richard Lynch MD U.S.A.
s Ron Maas VA U.S.A.
A Craig Macbride VIC Australia
A Guest of Macbride U.S.A.
A Robert MacIntosh VA U.S.A.
A Thomas MacLaney MI U.S.A.
A Seumas Macmhicean Scotland Great Britain
A Helen MacNeil Midlothian Great Britain
s James Madden LA U.S.A.
A John Maizels NSW Australia
A Laura Majerus CA U.S.A.
s Joseph Major KY U.S.A.
s Lisa Major KY U.S.A.
A Christine Mak ON Canada
A Derwin Mak ON Canada
A Julia Malik MA U.S.A.
A Marci Malinowycz WA U.S.A.
s Pamela Mallory-Ricker MA U.S.A.
s Carl Mami NJ U.S.A.
s Elaine Mami NJ U.S.A.
A Richard Man CA U.S.A.
A Steve Mancino NY U.S.A.
A Patrick Manion CA U.S.A.
s Jim Mann PA U.S.A.
A Jon Mann CA U.S.A.
s Sharon Mannell ON Canada
s John Mansfield MB Canada
A Beth Marble CA U.S.A.
A Chris Marble CA U.S.A.
s Michael Marinelli DC U.S.A.
A M. Markman FL U.S.A.
s Craig Marnoch Great Britain
s Keith Marshall MD U.S.A.
s Paul Martensson Sweden
s Cheryl Martin AZ U.S.A.
s Diane Martin WI U.S.A.
A George Martin NM U.S.A.
s George Martin NM U.S.A.
s Lee Martin PA U.S.A.
s Mary Martin, M.D. OH U.S.A.
s Joseph Martino OH U.S.A.
A Michael Mason U.S.A.
s Heather Masri NY U.S.A.
A Claudia Mastroianni MA U.S.A.
A Charles Matheny CA U.S.A.
A Elise Matthesen MN U.S.A.
A Winton Matthews, Jr. DC U.S.A.
s Gail Matthews-Bailey IL U.S.A.
s Barbara Mattson OH U.S.A.
A Ian Maughan West Sussex Great Britain
s Mary Maulucci VA U.S.A.
A Kari Maund Great Britain
s Jeff Maxwell OH U.S.A.
A Sally Mayer MA U.S.A.
s Warren Mayer NJ U.S.A.
A Jason Mayfield GA U.S.A.
A J. Maynard CA U.S.A.
s Dale Mazzola U.S.A.
s Kyle McAbee MD U.S.A.
s Monica McAbee MD U.S.A.
A Jen McAlonan AZ U.S.A.
A Kevin McAlonan AZ U.S.A.
s Parris McBride NM U.S.A.
s Wayne McCalla IN U.S.A.
A Dave McCarty IL U.S.A.
s Diane McCarty PA U.S.A.
A Ken McCaw WA Australia
A Michael McConnell PA U.S.A.
A Patrick McCormack MA U.S.A.
s Dennis McCunney NY U.S.A.
A Julie McGalliard WA U.S.A.
s Terry McGarry NY U.S.A.
A Danny McGraft NS Canada
A Tim McGrain OH U.S.A.
s Alayne McGregor ON Canada
A Christian McGuire CA U.S.A.
A LeAnna McGuire WA U.S.A.
s Michelle McGuire MA U.S.A.
A Maura McHugh County Galway Ireland
s Jody McKean OH U.S.A.
s Mark McKean OH U.S.A.
s Marjorie McKenna ON Canada
A Joe McKersie AZ U.S.A.
s Nina McLaughlin OH U.S.A.
A Mark McMenamin IL U.S.A.
A Michael McMillan TX U.S.A.
A Patrick McMurray Great Britain
A Althea McMurrian CA U.S.A.
A Sean Mead OH U.S.A.
A Brent Mehring IN U.S.A.
s Zane Melder LA U.S.A.
s Bill Meltsner WI U.S.A.
A Joseph Meltzer MA U.S.A.
A Lori Meltzer MA U.S.A.
s Margaret Menzies MA U.S.A.
A Cary Meriwether CA U.S.A.
s Mark Merlino CA U.S.A.
s Michael Merrill MD U.S.A.
s Scott Merritt TX U.S.A.
s Karen Meschke TX U.S.A.
s Edmund Meskys NH U.S.A.
s Erik Meyer MA U.S.A.
A Harry Meyer CA U.S.A.
A Stephanie Meyer CA U.S.A.
s Marie Miesel TN U.S.A.
s Ayegbusi Mike Oyo-State Nigeria
s Alan Miller NY U.S.A.
A Arthur Miller NJ U.S.A.
A Craig Miller CA U.S.A.
s Mary Miller TX U.S.A.
s Tim Miller TX U.S.A.
s C. Mills MN U.S.A.
s Joe Minne CA U.S.A.
s Lynn Minneman OR U.S.A.
A Bonita Misener ON Canada
s David Misener ON Canada
A Elliott Mitchell CA U.S.A.
s John Mitchell MO U.S.A.
A PetrTa Mitchell OR U.S.A.
s Rose Mitchell VIC Australia
s B. Mitias OH U.S.A.
s Kazuko Mito CA U.S.A.
A Marilyn Jane Mix MD U.S.A.
s Teresa Miħambres NY U.S.A.
s Celia Modell WA U.S.A.
s Howard Modell WA U.S.A.
A Rick Moen CA U.S.A.
s David Moews CA U.S.A.
s Charles Mohapel QC Canada
s Cynthia Mohareb ON Canada
s Debby Moir Surrey Great Britain
s Lillian Moir QC Canada
s Mike Moir Surrey Great Britain
A Anne Mok NSW Australia
A Grace Molloy AL U.S.A.
A Patrick Molloy AL U.S.A.
A Heather Monson UT U.S.A.
A Joe Monson UT U.S.A.
s Kenneth Moore TN U.S.A.
s Marian Moore LA U.S.A.
A Murray Moore ON Canada
A Brian Morgan CA U.S.A.
A Brian Morgan CA U.S.A.
s Cheryl Morgan CA U.S.A.
A Richard Morgan OK U.S.A.
s Sharon Morgan CA U.S.A.
s Brian Morman CO U.S.A.
A Mary Morman CO U.S.A.
s Melissa Morman CO U.S.A.
A Henry Morris ON Canada
A Neil Morris Great Britain
A Skip Morris NH U.S.A.
s Kathleen Morrison NY U.S.A.
A Lynne Ann Morse Belgium
A Liz Mortensen CA U.S.A.
s Peter Morwood County Wicklow Ireland
A Craig Moseley CA U.S.A.
s Jim Moskowitz PA U.S.A.
A Miriam Moss Great Britain
A Fred Moulton CA U.S.A.
A Mary Moura MA U.S.A.
A Beth Moursund WA U.S.A.
s Eyal Mozes NY U.S.A.
s Susan Mozzicaato MA U.S.A.
s Mary Mulholland GA U.S.A.
A Donnalyn Mumaw OH U.S.A.
A Lorraine Mumaw OH U.S.A.
s Elaine Muraskin NY U.S.A.
A James Murray MO U.S.A.
A Paula Murray MO U.S.A.
s Mary Mykytka OH U.S.A.
A Anthony Naggs Cambridgeshire Great Britain
s Steve Nagy MI U.S.A.
A Lex Nakashima CA U.S.A.
A Philip Nanson Great Britain
s Sheley Napier OH U.S.A.
s Phillip Nathanson MA U.S.A.
s Sionna Neidengard OR U.S.A.
s Emily Nelson TX U.S.A.
A Michael Nelson VA U.S.A.
s Stephen Nelson TX U.S.A.
s Leslie Newcomer OR U.S.A.
s J. Newell GA U.S.A.
s Bruce Newrock NJ U.S.A.
s Flo Newrock NJ U.S.A.
A Barry Newton MD U.S.A.
s Charles Newton MD U.S.A.
A Judith Newton MD U.S.A.
s Karen Newton MD U.S.A.
A Meridel Newton MD U.S.A.
A Ha Nguyen WA U.S.A.
s Feòrag Nicbhrìde Great Britain
A Beverly Nicholas VA U.S.A.
s Debra Nickelson AZ U.S.A.
A Kevin Nickerson MI U.S.A.
A Patrick Nielsen Hayden NY U.S.A.
A Jacqueline Nieves CA U.S.A.
s Shelagh Nikkel IL U.S.A.
A Larry Niven CA U.S.A.
A Marilyn Niven CA U.S.A.
s Pat Nolan NY U.S.A.
A Gerald Nordley CA U.S.A.
s Randy Norris TN U.S.A.
s John Novak MO U.S.A.
s Johanna Novales NY U.S.A.
A Andrea Novin FL U.S.A.
s Abby Noyce NH U.S.A.
s Nancy Nutt MO U.S.A.
s Jody Nye IL U.S.A.
A Terry O'Brien IN U.S.A.
s Deborah O'Connor FL U.S.A.
A Mary O'Connor MA Canada
s Patrick O'Connor IL U.S.A.
A William O'Connor WA U.S.A.
s Tom O'Dell AZ U.S.A.
A Chris O'Halloran CA U.S.A.
A John O'Halloran CA U.S.A.
A Roderick O'Hanlon Ireland
s Dave O'Neal WV U.S.A.
A David O'Neill Great Britain
s Myles O'Reilly IL U.S.A.
A Chris O'Shea Great Britain
s Deborah Oakes OH U.S.A.
s Pamela Ochs VA U.S.A.
s Elspeth Odbert WV U.S.A.
s James Odbert WV U.S.A.
A James Odell Essex Great Britain
s James Odom, Jr. AL U.S.A.
s Mark Oeffler OH U.S.A.
A Fred Ogden WA U.S.A.
A Ruth Ogden WA U.S.A.
A Frank Olbris MA U.S.A.
s Joseph Oldham MA U.S.A.
s Kathy Oldham MA U.S.A.
A Maxine Oleyar PA U.S.A.
A Gene Olmstead DE U.S.A.
s Mark Olson MA U.S.A.
s Priscilla Olson MA U.S.A.
A Frank Olynyk OH U.S.A.
A Marisa Ong CA U.S.A.
A Ron Ontell CA U.S.A.
A Val Ontell CA U.S.A.
A Chris Orman AZ U.S.A.
A Cyndi Orman AZ U.S.A.
A Frances Orman AZ U.S.A.
A Sheryl Orman AZ U.S.A.
A Jeff Orth Puerto Rico
A Elizabeth Osborne OH U.S.A.
s Nadia Ouw AB Canada
A Kathi Overton VA U.S.A.
A Nancy Owens NV U.S.A.
s Sammi Owens U.S.A.
s Greg Paddock WA U.S.A.
A Lisa Padol NY U.S.A.
A John Page MA U.S.A.
A Kristin Page MA U.S.A.
s Josephine Paltin NJ U.S.A.
A Carol Paolucci MA U.S.A.
A Michael Pargman Sweden
A Bill Parker TX U.S.A.
A Carole Parker CA U.S.A.
s Helen Parker IL U.S.A.
A Tony Parker FL U.S.A.
s Walter Parker WA U.S.A.
s Gregg Parmentier MN U.S.A.
s Myrna Parmentier MN U.S.A.
s Dennis Parslow NH U.S.A.
A Spike Parsons CA U.S.A.
A Mark Partridge NY U.S.A.
s Terry Patch IL U.S.A.
A Fred Patten CA U.S.A.
A Biu Patterson CA U.S.A.
A Andrew Patton Great Britain
s Crystal Paul VA U.S.A.
A Sara Paul DE U.S.A.
A Donald Pauley FL U.S.A.
s Mark Paulk PA U.S.A.
s Eric Pavlat MD U.S.A.
s Wendy Pavlat MD U.S.A.
A Joe Pearce CA U.S.A.
s Cid Pearlman CA U.S.A.
s Eileen Pearlman TX U.S.A.
s Emily Pearson OH U.S.A.
A James Peart County Dublin Ireland
A Elayne Pelz CA U.S.A.
s Megan Pengelly NY U.S.A.
s Michael Penick DC U.S.A.
A Alan Perelgut IL U.S.A.
A Mary Perelgut IL U.S.A.
A Cally Perry MA U.S.A.
A Lawrence Person TX U.S.A.
A Kelly Persons MA U.S.A.
s Tommy Persson Sweden
s Jo Peshek LA U.S.A.
s Becky Peters FL U.S.A.
s David Peterson WI U.S.A.
A Joyce Peterson MN U.S.A.
s Judith Peterson WI U.S.A.
A Polly Jo Peterson MN U.S.A.
s Sandra Pettinger NE U.S.A.
s Pierre Pettinger, Jr. NE U.S.A.
A Roy Pettis, Jr. VA U.S.A.
A Robert Pierce MA U.S.A.
s Sharon Pierce OH U.S.A.
A Claire Pieterek IL U.S.A.
s James Pilvinis MA U.S.A.
A Carol Pinchetsky NY U.S.A.
A Michelle Pincus CA U.S.A.
A Max Pinkerton TX U.S.A.
A Michael Pins CO U.S.A.
A Anetta Pirinen Great Britain
A Pekka Pirinen Great Britain
A K. Plaskon CA U.S.A.
A Gary Plumlee IN U.S.A.
s Nancy-Lou Polk WA U.S.A.
s Kent Pollard SK Canada
A John Pomeranz VA U.S.A.
s Jeff Poretsky MD U.S.A.
s Andrew Porter NY U.S.A.
A Ken Porter CA U.S.A.
A Pat Porter WA U.S.A.
A Anna Potts New Zealand
A Robin Powell CA U.S.A.
A Tom Powers AZ U.S.A.
A Terry Pratchett Wilts Great Britain
s Connie Price TN U.S.A.
s Jan Price MD U.S.A.
s Tonya Price MA U.S.A.
A Adrian Price-Whelan CT U.S.A.
A Alexa Price-Whelan CT U.S.A.
s Shannon Prickett CA U.S.A.
A Mary Prince WI U.S.A.
s Dan Procopio VA U.S.A.
s Linda Profant MD U.S.A.
s Richard Profant MD U.S.A.
A Amy Proni MI U.S.A.
A Tullio Proni MI U.S.A.
s Annette Pschirrer CA U.S.A.
s Karen Purcell NH U.S.A.
A Laura Jane Quin Clackmannanshire Great Britain
A Mike Quin Clackmannanshire Great Britain
A Norman Rabben WA U.S.A.
s Matthew Ragsdale OH U.S.A.
s Richard Ralston NY U.S.A.
A Laurie Ramey MD U.S.A.
A Miranda Ramey MD U.S.A.
A Timothy Ramey MD U.S.A.
s Loyal Ramsey PA U.S.A.
A John Randolph U.S.A.
s Matthew Randolph KS U.S.A.
s Kapopara Ratilal South Sulawesi Indonesia
A David Ratti FL U.S.A.
s Catherine Raymond PA U.S.A.
A Omar Rayyan MA U.S.A.
A Sheila Rayyan MA U.S.A.
A Colette Reap Herts Great Britain
s Jeff Rebholz CA U.S.A.
A Thomas Recktenwald Germany
A Marjorie Redding MA U.S.A.
s Virginia Reed IL U.S.A.
s James Reichert DE U.S.A.
s Dan Reid NC U.S.A.
s Katya Reimann MN U.S.A.
s Midge Reitan IL U.S.A.
s Daniel Reitman OR U.S.A.
s Susan Reitz NV U.S.A.
s Bobbie Rendrick OH U.S.A.
s Josiah Rendrick OH U.S.A.
A Theresa Renner Smith MD U.S.A.
s Mike Rennie Great Britain
s Lynne Renz MN U.S.A.
A Paul Resico CA U.S.A.
s Carol Resnick OH U.S.A.
s Mike Resnick OH U.S.A.
A Neil Rest IL U.S.A.
A Adam Reuter PA U.S.A.
A James Reynolds CT U.S.A.
A Stephen Rice Cambridgeshire Great Britain
A George Richard MN U.S.A.
A Sarah Richard MN U.S.A.
s Laurel Richman MA U.S.A.
s Marc Richman MA U.S.A.
s William Ricker MA U.S.A.
A Carl Rigney CA U.S.A.
s Jennifer Riley VA U.S.A.
s Clifford Ritchie NV U.S.A.
s Jim Rittenhouse IL U.S.A.
s Susan Rittenhouse IL U.S.A.
A Pat Ritter PA U.S.A.
A David Rivers MA Canada
s Russell Roach IN U.S.A.
s Corlis Robe IN U.S.A.
s Dominic Robe TN U.S.A.
s Gary Robe IN U.S.A.
s Isaac Robe IN U.S.A.
s Timothy Roberge MA U.S.A.
A Carol Roberts MD U.S.A.
A Harvey Roberts MD U.S.A.
A Jefery Roberts CA U.S.A.
A Jim Roberts MA U.S.A.
A John Roberts MD U.S.A.
A Charlie Robertson II PA U.S.A.
A Linda Robinett CA U.S.A.
A Douglas Robinson NH U.S.A.
A Eric Robinson U.S.A.
s Fran Robinson NC U.S.A.
s Kathy Robinson PA U.S.A.
s Roger Robinson Essex Great Britain
s Kevin Roche CA U.S.A.
s Jenei Rockhold OH U.S.A.
s Maria Rodriguez CA U.S.A.
s Robert Roehm KY U.S.A.
s Richard Roepke MD U.S.A.
s Jeff Rogers CA U.S.A.
s Lisa Rogers NJ U.S.A.
A Steve Rogerson Great Britain
s Roberta Rogow NJ U.S.A.
A Per Romanowski Norway
s Bill Roper IL U.S.A.
s Gretchen Roper IL U.S.A.
s Cathy Rork OH U.S.A.
s Diane Rosenberg MA U.S.A.
s Robert Rosenberg NY U.S.A.
A Alan Rosenthal WA U.S.A.
A Robert Ross CA U.S.A.
s Linda Ross-Mansfield MB Canada
A Leslie Roth IA U.S.A.
s Mary Roth OH U.S.A.
s Karen Rothenberg NY U.S.A.
A Stephen Rothman Hants Great Britain
A David Row Oxfordshire Great Britain
s Mark Rowley MO U.S.A.
s Peter Rubinstein MA U.S.A.
A Ian Rudd Great Britain
A Ann Marie Rudolph PA U.S.A.
A Aleksandra Rudzinska Woj. Slaskie Poland
s Debra Ruh ON Canada
s Larry Ruh MD U.S.A.
s Gary Rumain MD U.S.A.
s Caterina Runyon-Spears OH U.S.A.
s Cormac Russell CA U.S.A.
A Richard Russell WI U.S.A.
A Marti Rutishauser CA U.S.A.
A Edward Rutkowski PA U.S.A.
A Marguerite Rutkowski PA U.S.A.
s Donna Marie Ryan NJ U.S.A.
s Ruth Sachter OR U.S.A.
s Brian Sack CA U.S.A.
s Yuki Saeki CA U.S.A.
A Steve Saffel NY U.S.A.
s Don Sakers MD U.S.A.
s Kathryn Salter MA U.S.A.
A Clifford Samuels AB Canada
A Arthur Sanders TX U.S.A.
s Kelly Sanders MA U.S.A.
s Jim Sanderson OR U.S.A.
A Larry Sanderson MN U.S.A.
A Kathy Sands MD U.S.A.
A Leo Sands MD U.S.A.
A Juan Sanmiguel FL U.S.A.
A Sonia Santana TX U.S.A.
s Sandra Santara CO U.S.A.
A Widya Santoso ACT Australia
A Deirdre Saoirse-Moen CA U.S.A.
A Peggy Rae Sapienza MD U.S.A.
A John Sapienza, Jr. MD U.S.A.
A Lyn Sapowsky-Smith CA U.S.A.
s Gene Sargent TX U.S.A.
A Kurt Sauer TX U.S.A.
s Christian Sauve ON Canada
A Robert Sawyer ON Canada
s Sharon Sbarsky MA U.S.A.
A Ed Scarbrough TX U.S.A.
A Thomas Schaad VA U.S.A.
A Karen Schaffer CA U.S.A.
s Maura Scharadin VA U.S.A.
s Steve Scherer KY U.S.A.
A Ben Schilling WI U.S.A.
A Melina Schlotthauer MA U.S.A.
s John Schmid PA U.S.A.
s Rachel Schneewind MA U.S.A.
s Gene Schneider CA U.S.A.
A Lawrence Schoen PA U.S.A.
A Spring Schoenhuth CA U.S.A.
s Patrick Scholz Germany
s Larry Schroeder MD U.S.A.
s Susanne Schroeder MD U.S.A.
s David Schroth MN U.S.A.
s David Schuey MO U.S.A.
s Kathleen Schultz IL U.S.A.
s Robert Schultz IL U.S.A.
A Eric Schwartz CO U.S.A.
s Cindy Scott CA U.S.A.
A Eric Scott CA U.S.A.
s Gavin Scott CA U.S.A.
A Jerome Scott CA U.S.A.
A Mike Scott Great Britain
s Stacey Scott CA U.S.A.
s Howard Scrimgeour ON Canada
A Joyce Scrivner MN U.S.A.
A Marah Searle-Kovacevic ON Canada
s Teri Sears FL U.S.A.
s Eric Sedlacek VA U.S.A.
s Sarah Sedlacek OH U.S.A.
s Adrienne Seel ON Canada
A Fabian Sefcovic IL U.S.A.
A Stephen Segal MD U.S.A.
A Stu Segal NJ U.S.A.
s Andrea Senchy NJ U.S.A.
s Sean Sendlein MO U.S.A.
A William Seney AB Canada
A Zev Sero NY U.S.A.
A Michael Sestak CA U.S.A.
s Marline Setser IL U.S.A.
A David Shallcross NJ U.S.A.
s Ariel Shattan OR U.S.A.
A Jerry Shaw CA U.S.A.
s Robert Shaw CA U.S.A.
A Jannie Shea NC U.S.A.
s Nicholas Shectman MA U.S.A.
s Mike Sheffield CA U.S.A.
s Vivian Sheffield MI U.S.A.
s Amy Sheldon OH U.S.A.
s Gary Shelton MS U.S.A.
A Randall Shepherd County Dublin Ireland
A Sandra Shepherd Morpeth Great Britain
s Howard Shere MS U.S.A.
A Delia Sherman NY U.S.A.
A Keith Sherman MA U.S.A.
s Jim Shibley AZ U.S.A.
A Charles Shimada CA U.S.A.
s Joey Shoji CA U.S.A.
A Howard Shubs MA U.S.A.
s Jane Sibley CT U.S.A.
A Joe Siclari NY U.S.A.
s Ellen Siders CA U.S.A.
A Renee Sieber QC Canada
A Stan Sieler CA U.S.A.
A Michael Siladi CA U.S.A.
s Rachel Silber MA U.S.A.
s Rachel Silber MD U.S.A.
s Steven Silver IL U.S.A.
A Karen Silverberg CA U.S.A.
A Robert Silverberg CA U.S.A.
A Richard Simental TX U.S.A.
A Rhea Simons IL U.S.A.
s Pat Sims FL U.S.A.
s Roger Sims FL U.S.A.
s Alex Sinclair KY U.S.A.
s Christa Sinclair KY U.S.A.
s Michael Sinclair KY U.S.A.
A David Singer CA U.S.A.
A Jeff Singer CA U.S.A.
A Jon Singer MD U.S.A.
s Preeti Singh MD U.S.A.
A Giani Siri DE U.S.A.
s Willie Siros TX U.S.A.
A Amy Sisson TX U.S.A.
s Dale Skran NJ U.S.A.
A Jennifer Skwarski MI U.S.A.
A John Sloan CO U.S.A.
A Kathleen Sloan CO U.S.A.
A Chelsea Smith CA U.S.A.
s Dick Smith IL U.S.A.
A Henry Smith PA U.S.A.
s Laurence Smith OH U.S.A.
s Leah Smith IL U.S.A.
s Ralph Smith CA U.S.A.
s Randal Smith CA U.S.A.
s Rodford Smith KY U.S.A.
A Timothy Smith NY U.S.A.
s Victoria Smith CA U.S.A.
A Victoria Smith VA U.S.A.
A Wes Smith CA U.S.A.
A Jane Smithers Great Britain
s Davey Snyder MA U.S.A.
s K. Snyder IL U.S.A.
A Marcia Snyder NJ U.S.A.
s Raymond Snyder, Jr. PA U.S.A.
A Diane Sodher NJ U.S.A.
s Joseph Sokola CO U.S.A.
A Michele Jaye Solomon IL U.S.A.
s John Sotomayor VA U.S.A.
A Sylvia Sotomayor CA U.S.A.
A Barbara Spearman OH U.S.A.
A Richard Spelman FL U.S.A.
A Douglas Spencer Great Britain
s Vaughan Spencer OH U.S.A.
A Wen Spencer MA U.S.A.
A Allan Sperling IL U.S.A.
s Joyce Sperling CA U.S.A.
s Kathleen Spivey NY U.S.A.
s Carol Springs MA U.S.A.
A Sylvain St. Pierre QC Canada
s Jesper Stage Sweden
A Kevin Standlee CA U.S.A.
s Rodney Stansfield CA U.S.A.
s Hugh Staples OH U.S.A.
s Steven Staton TX U.S.A.
A Freda Stearns GA U.S.A.
A Robert Stearns, Jr. GA U.S.A.
A James Steel Great Britain
s Linda Steele MA U.S.A.
s Lisa Steele MA U.S.A.
s Mariann Steele SC U.S.A.
s Harold Stein NY U.S.A.
A Michael Stein VA U.S.A.
s Ann Sterling MI U.S.A.
A Edie Stern NY U.S.A.
s Milt Stevens CA U.S.A.
s James Stevens-Arce PR U.S.A.
A Alan Stewart VIC Australia
A Alastair Stewart Lancashire Great Britain
A Barbara Stewart Surrey Great Britain
A Christine Stewart Lancashire Great Britain
A John Stewart Surrey Great Britain
s Risa Stewart MD U.S.A.
s Sandy Stewart MD U.S.A.
A Thomas Stidman MD U.S.A.
A Billy Stirling Great Britain
s Janet Stirling NM U.S.A.
s Stephen Stirling NM U.S.A.
A Ian Stockdale CA U.S.A.
s Gudran Stockman IL U.S.A.
s Joseph Stockman IL U.S.A.
s Gloria Stover OH U.S.A.
A Erwin Strauss NJ U.S.A.
s Sheila Strickland LA U.S.A.
s Edwin Strickland, III TX U.S.A.
s John Strickland, Jr. TX U.S.A.
s Robert Strobbe MD U.S.A.
A Charles Stross Great Britain
s Lindalee Stuckey IL U.S.A.
A Donna Stump IN U.S.A.
A Walter Stutzman CT U.S.A.
A James Styles VC Australia
A Alice Sugg County Dublin Ireland
A Cathy Sullivan WA U.S.A.
s Gene Sullivan IL U.S.A.
s Geri Sullivan MA U.S.A.
A Jeanne Sullivan WA U.S.A.
s Kathryn Sullivan MN U.S.A.
A Shawn Sulma ON Canada
A Michael Sumbera TX U.S.A.
A Bjørn Sund Norway
s Joseph Supple NC U.S.A.
A Gayle Surrette MD U.S.A.
s Judy Suryan WA U.S.A.
s Robert Suryan WA U.S.A.
A Bill Sutton GA U.S.A.
A Brenda Sutton GA U.S.A.
A Mark Swain Great Britain
s Anders Swanson CA U.S.A.
s Robert Swasey MA U.S.A.
s Gary Swaty AZ U.S.A.
A Tomasz Swiderski Lubelskie Poland
s Audrey Switzer NY U.S.A.
A Steph Syslo MD U.S.A.
s Joseph Szczepaniak, III MD U.S.A.
A Tim Szczesuil MA U.S.A.
A Heikki Sørum Norway
A Lorraine Tacouni NSW Australia
A Michael Tallan CA U.S.A.
A Irene Tawzer CA U.S.A.
A Michael Tax IL U.S.A.
A Alice Taylor CA U.S.A.
A Bill Taylor CA U.S.A.
A Cameron Taylor Great Britain
A Dave Taylor MD U.S.A.
s Michael Taylor MD U.S.A.
A Suzzanna Taylor NV U.S.A.
s Alan Tegen CO U.S.A.
s Penny Tegen CO U.S.A.
A Gyrd Thane Lang Norway
s Susan Thau NY U.S.A.
A David Thayer TX U.S.A.
A Diana Thayer TX U.S.A.
s Peter Thomas VA U.S.A.
A Ilona Thomasson IL U.S.A.
A W.A. Thomasson IL U.S.A.
A Bruce Thompson U.S.A.
s Maria Thompson MD U.S.A.
s Michael Thompson MD U.S.A.
s Sarah Thompson MA U.S.A.
A Amy Thomson WA U.S.A.
s Becky Thomson WA U.S.A.
s Persis Thorndike MA U.S.A.
s Phillip Thorne PA U.S.A.
A Denice Thornhill MA U.S.A.
s Rob Thornton OH U.S.A.
s Katy Thorp CA U.S.A.
s Geoffrey Thorpe Great Britain
s Rachel Thurston OH U.S.A.
A Jennifer Tibbetts HI U.S.A.
s Adam Tilghman CA U.S.A.
A Don Timm AE U.S.A.
s Charles Timpko VA U.S.A.
s Alice Tinkley GA U.S.A.
s Stephen Tipton KY U.S.A.
s Bill Todd MA U.S.A.
A Christine Toleson CA U.S.A.
s Samuel Tomaino NJ U.S.A.
A David Tompkins Bucks Great Britain
s Dorothy Tompkins TN U.S.A.
A Geoffrey Toop ON Canada
s Eunice Torres VA U.S.A.
s Shane Tourtellotte NJ U.S.A.
s Michael Townsend TN U.S.A.
s David Travis NM U.S.A.
A Paul Treadaway Great Britain
s Andrew Trembley CA U.S.A.
s Audrey Trend MI U.S.A.
s Gregg Trend MI U.S.A.
s Dick Trezza OH U.S.A.
A Mike Trial MD U.S.A.
A Douglas Triggs CO U.S.A.
A Gregory Trocchia NY U.S.A.
s Susan Troutman TN U.S.A.
s Jean-Louis Trudel QC Canada
A Leslie Turek MA U.S.A.
A Carsten Turner MA U.S.A.
A Diane Turnshek PA U.S.A.
s Alison Turtledove CA U.S.A.
s Rachel Turtledove CA U.S.A.
s Rebecca Turtledove CA U.S.A.
A Mary Turzillo OH U.S.A.
s R-Laurraine Tutihasi CA U.S.A.
s Peter Tyers Norfolk Great Britain
s Larry Ulrey IN U.S.A.
s Eric Van MA U.S.A.
A Jan Van 'T Ent Netherlands
A Bertie Van Asseldonk Netherlands
A Larry van der Putte Netherlands
A David Van Deusen IL U.S.A.
A Gordon Van Gelder NJ U.S.A.
A Mark Van Name NC U.S.A.
s Wendy Van Over OH U.S.A.
s Kees van Toorn Netherlands
s Mercy Van Vlack NY U.S.A.
A Patricia Vandenberg MA U.S.A.
s Ita Vandenbroek CA U.S.A.
A Eric Vandervort CA U.S.A.
s Aaron VanTilburg IL U.S.A.
s Barbara VanTilburg IL U.S.A.
s Daniel VanTilburg IL U.S.A.
s Derek VanTilburg IL U.S.A.
s Holly VanTilburg IL U.S.A.
s Raymond VanTilburg IL U.S.A.
A Irene Vartanoff WV U.S.A.
s Arthur Vaughan PA U.S.A.
s Emily Vazquez-Coulson OH U.S.A.
A Tom Veal IL U.S.A.
A Nico Veenkamp Netherlands
s Leane Verhulst IL U.S.A.
A Ella Vesterbeck WA U.S.A.
A Edd Vick WA U.S.A.
A Britt-Louise Viklund Sweden
A Alex von Thorn ON Canada
s Jaime Voss OH U.S.A.
s Chairman VSFC, Inc. VIC Australia
A Juhani Vuorio Finland
s Bill Wagner NY U.S.A.
s Jan Wagner OH U.S.A.
A Peter Wainwright NY U.S.A.
s Jane Waks MA U.S.A.
s Mark Waks MA U.S.A.
A Jacob Waldman NY U.S.A.
s Arlen Walker WI U.S.A.
A Gail Walker KY U.S.A.
s Julie Wall AL U.S.A.
s Marie-Astrid Walling QC Canada
A René Walling Quebec Canada
s Michael Walsh MD U.S.A.
A Charles Walther FL U.S.A.
s James Walton PA U.S.A.
A Anthony Ward OR U.S.A.
A Dalroy Ward MD U.S.A.
A Michael Ward CA U.S.A.
A Kenneth Warren PA U.S.A.
A Richard Warren IL U.S.A.
A Victoria Warren PA U.S.A.
s Luke Wassum DC U.S.A.
s Mary Kaye Waterson IL U.S.A.
s Rick Waterson IL U.S.A.
A Geoffrey Watkins OR U.S.A.
A Ian Watson Northants Great Britain
s Stephen Watson QC Canada
s Keith Watt AZ U.S.A.
s Mike Weasner CA U.S.A.
A Eric Weber WA U.S.A.
s Stephen Weierman IL U.S.A.
s Christiane Weihs NY U.S.A.
s Toni Weiner WA U.S.A.
s David Weingart NY U.S.A.
s Ellen Weingart NY U.S.A.
s Joseph Weinstein PA U.S.A.
s Michele Weinstein PA U.S.A.
s Sydney Weinstein PA U.S.A.
A Jerry Weist MA U.S.A.
A W. Weller PA U.S.A.
s Lois Wellinghurst KY U.S.A.
s Richard Wellinghurst KY U.S.A.
A Margaret Welsh NY U.S.A.
s Michael Wesely NE U.S.A.
A James Wesley IL U.S.A.
s Lee Wetmore OH U.S.A.
s Helen Wheeler IN U.S.A.
A Susan Wheeler MD U.S.A.
A Audrey Whelan CT U.S.A.
A Michael Whelan CT U.S.A.
A Donya White CA U.S.A.
s John White PA U.S.A.
A Laurine White CA U.S.A.
A Thomas White TX U.S.A.
s Eva Whitley MD U.S.A.
A Marc Whitman WA U.S.A.
A Cheryl Whitmore OH U.S.A.
s Tom Whitmore CA U.S.A.
s James Wible CA U.S.A.
s John Widmer OH U.S.A.
A Clark Wierda MI U.S.A.
A Gayle Wiesner CA U.S.A.
A Kat Willett CA U.S.A.
s Michi Willett CA U.S.A.
s Paul Willett CA U.S.A.
s Ronnie Willett CA U.S.A.
s Steven Willett CA U.S.A.
s Allen Williams MA U.S.A.
A Charlotte Williams TN U.S.A.
A Edith Williams MD U.S.A.
A James Williams MD U.S.A.
s Julie Williams MO U.S.A.
s Kim Williams OH U.S.A.
s Larissa Williams CA U.S.A.
s Mike Williams MO U.S.A.
A Ronita Williams WA U.S.A.
A Susan Williams MA U.S.A.
A Mike Willmoth AZ U.S.A.
A Christine Willrich CA U.S.A.
A Edward Wilson TX U.S.A.
s Elaine Wilson VA U.S.A.
A John Wilson Cheshire Great Britain
A Karen Wilson TX U.S.A.
s Linda Winks OH U.S.A.
s Nick Winks OH U.S.A.
s Richard Wix AL U.S.A.
s Sally Woehrle WA U.S.A.
s Taras Wolansky NJ U.S.A.
A Joyce Wolf CA U.S.A.
A Katherine Wolf CA U.S.A.
A Lew Wolkoff PA U.S.A.
A Thomas Womack Gloucestershire Great Britain
A Andrew Wong CA U.S.A.
A Kent Wong ON Canada
s Eleanor Wood NY U.S.A.
s Malcolm Wood OH U.S.A.
A Alan Woodford Great Britain
A Anne Woodford Great Britain
A Delphyne Woods IL U.S.A.
s Martin Wooster MD U.S.A.
s Bill Wright VIC Australia
A Frank Wu CA U.S.A.
A Erick Wujcik Shanghai China
s Linda Wyatt KY U.S.A.
A Ben Yalow NY U.S.A.
A Eric Yarnell WA U.S.A.
s John Yaskowich ON Canada
s Kathryn Yeager VA U.S.A.
A Judy Yeh MA U.S.A.
A Janet Yelle MA U.S.A.
A William Yerazunis MA U.S.A.
s Cecil Young MI U.S.A.
s Jim Young OH U.S.A.
s Stephanie Young IL U.S.A.
A Virginia Youngstrom CO U.S.A.
A Kate Yule OR U.S.A.
s Joel Zakem KY U.S.A.
s Linda Zang MO U.S.A.
s Tony Zbaraschuk CA U.S.A.
s Anne Zeek NY U.S.A.
s Barry Zeiger MD U.S.A.
s Michelle Zellich MO U.S.A.
s Richard Zellich MO U.S.A.
A Carl-Mikael Zetterling Sweden
s Steven Zeve MD U.S.A.
s David Ziels OH U.S.A.
A Lucy Zinkiewicz VIC Australia
s Beth Zipser VA U.S.A.
s Michael Zipser VA U.S.A.

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