Margene Bahm

Margene has been active in fandom since the 1970s, when she was working cons from her stroller (ask her why William Shatner owes her 23 hours, what you say to a naked author in a hot tub [besides admiring his Hugo] and about her wake-up call from George Takei).  A two-time chair of ConQuesT, she is currently spearheading the Kansas City bid for the World Science Fiction Convention in 2009 (vote early and often!). 

Having recuperated from partial knee replacement surgery performed two days after Christmas, she spends her copious free time (ha!) teaching Irish dance, doting on her grandchildren Connor and Lauren and enjoying the escapades of the newest feline members of the household, Siegfried and Yum!

Thu1400Alternative Family StructuresA discussion on how the family has changed over the ages, and how this can be integral to the art of storytelling.Margene BAHM, Jessica LANGER, Farah MENDLESOHN
Fri1300Fannish Inquisition I The 2009 Worldcon BidsKansas City and Montreal are bidding to host the 2009 Worldcon. Come hear what each bid has to say before casting your vote.Margene BAHM, Jim MURRAY, Rene WALLING, Eugene HELLER
Sat1200The Books Ate My HouseWhen SF fans admit (embarrassed) "I have piles," they might not mean what outsiders think. Confess the challenges of living with way too many books, and discuss possible solutions. Tesseract-shaped bookcases? Inventive new technologies (hmm, what *is* the insulating value of paper?)? Or even getting rid of some....?Allen BATSON, Edd VICK, Flick CHRISTIAN, Margene BAHM
Sun1000Longer Life Expectancy = More Time to be Miserable?What is the maximum human lifespan? Can it said to be worthwhile to live to 135 if 35 of those years are bedridden?Grant CARRINGTON, Gregory BENFORD, Margene BAHM, Joe HALDEMAN