John Berry

John Berry is an editor and typographer who specializes in complex publishing projects.  He is the former editor and publisher of "U&lc" ("Upper and lower case") and of "U&lc Online".  He is the author and designer of "Dot-font: talking about fonts" and "Dot-font: talking about design" (Mark Batty Publisher, 2006), and the editor of "Language Culture Type: international type design in the age of Unicode" (ATypI/Graphis, 2002), "Contemporary newspaper design", and "U&lc: influencing design & typography".  John has a deep and eclectic background in both editing and typography.  He has made a career for more than twenty-five years in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco as an editor and book designer. 

He writes and consults extensively on typography, and he has won numerous awards for his book designs.  He has been on the board of directors of ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) since 2000.  He lives in Seattle with the writer Eileen Gunn.

Recently published - Dot-font: talking about design (Mark Batty Publisher)

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