Ken Brady

Ken Brady is a writer, actor, director, producer, media whore, and multiple kinds of geek.  His stories have appeared in Analog, Writers of the Future, Strange Horizons, Ideomancer, Fortean Bureau, Weird Tales, Modern Magic, Rosebud, The William and Mary Review, Frequency, Midnight Street, and many others.  Additionally, his work has been reprinted in 8 languages, he’s sold a screenplay to Miramax, has produced an award-winning feature film, and produced and sold several stage plays.  Ken has worked many different jobs.  Process server for a private investigator.  Video/audio producer for an educational consultant.  XML editor for a software company.  Magazine editor.  Pizza dude.  Planning aerial surveillance.  Producer, director, props, production assistant, casting director, director’s assistant, screenwriter, development executive, actor and a bunch of other movie jobs.  Now he’s Director, International Strategies for Centric, a new new media agency in Los Angeles run by SF writer Jason Stoddard.  He’s also General Manager, Asia for Centric’s Tokyo and soon-to-open Shanghai offices, and will likely relocate to one of those two cities in the near future.  Additionally, he’s North American Coordinator for On the One, a concert promoter based in Tokyo. 

He currently travels to Japan and China every few months.  Ken has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Oregon, and a Masters of International Management from Portland State University.  He was born in California, and has lived throughout California and Oregon.  Other places he’s spent time (say, more than a month) include: Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Bangkok, Thailand; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Krabi, Thailand; Seattle, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia; Columbia, South Carolina; and Baja, Mexico.  He has many friends and very few enemies in all of those places.

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