Julianne Buescher

Julianne Buescher is a whimsically versatile actor, writer, voice artist and Improv performer with a freakish ability to voice-match most celebrities and singers.  She is also a Jim Henson puppeteer and original member of Puppet Up! Uncensored (and also designed many of the puppets, including "Piddles" the pug). 

Credits include The Simpsons, Star Wars, Naruto (as "Anko"), "Dawn the Fairy" (for NVidia), Jimmy Kimmel Live, Robot Chicken, Angel, Babel, Everquest, Ratchet 'n' Clank, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  She also created and starred in the award-winning film Resculpting Venus: A Comedy about Breast Cancer.

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Fri1000The Henson Company: Character Building and MoreFind out what's hot at the Henson company, and what drives them towards the projects they pursue. Presented by VP Halle Stanford, and brought to life by puppeteer Julianne BuescherHalle STANFORD, Julianne BUESCHER, Rachel BROWN