Pat Cadigan

Pat Cadigan has spent thirty years working in the science fiction field.  She and Arnie Fenner published the semi-prozine Shayol, for which they won the World Fantasy Award.  She is the author of fifteen books and many pieces of shorter fiction.  In 1992,she won the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Synners and then won it again in 1995 for Fools.  After spending most of her life in the Kansas City area of the U.S., she married Chris Fowler and moved to the United Kingdom.  She now lives in North London with her husband Chris, her son Rob Fenner, and Miss Kitty Calgary, Queen of the Cats.

Recently published - Tea From An Empty Cup, Dervish Is Digital

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Thu1600Kaffeeklatsche Pat CADIGAN
Fri1300The Hospital of the FutureGiven advances in medical care, what will a hospital look like in 25 years? 75? Will they even exist as the centralized entities we know and hate today?Heidi LYSHOL, Pat CADIGAN, Tore Audun HIE
Fri1500SF for the HandicappedAs the population ages, more and more people have special needs in order to function fully within society. How do those with "Special Needs" access their SF?Lillian CSERNICA, W A THOMASSON, Farah MENDLESOHN, Pat CADIGAN
Fri16006 years (almost) and countingSept 11, 2001; 9/11. Are the wounds still too fresh to talk about? How about 7/7? Does the rest of the world care? Can it happen again? Can we use it in a story? If not now, when? Is this a line that cannot be crossed?Joe HALDEMAN, Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD, Lawrence PERSON, Maura MCHUGH, Pat CADIGAN, Elizabeth Anne HULL
Sat1100Autographs Pat CADIGAN
Sat1400Alien SexualityAlien sex is frequently depicted as being the same as human sex with differences in superficial biology. What if the Venerians are not just us with bad haircuts and bigger ... ears? How would aliens enjoy sex? Is it necessary to enjoy it? For all 2 to the x partners. Amy THOMSON, Anne HARRIS, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Pat CADIGAN
Sun1200Future Art: What New Forms of Art might Arise from Current Technologies or Esthetics?Computer composition, collaborative kinetic sculpture, zero-gee dance? "Blogging" is one new candidate, as are phone-cam web journals and "reality" television. What's likely to be next, and do we really want it?Dave HOWELL, Karen HABER, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, Chris O'SHEA, Pat CADIGAN
Sun1400The Short Story's Role in Fantastic FictionShort fiction rarely gets the attention that novels do by reviewers. It is harder to sell collections and anthologies than novels. The panelists, writers and editors of short fiction discuss their thoughts about the shorter forms (short story, novelette, novella) of fantastic fiction.Ellen DATLOW, Gavin J. GRANT, Larry NIVEN, Pat CADIGAN