James Cambias

James L. Cambias is a writer and game designer.  Originally from New Orleans, he currently lives in western Massachusetts with his wife and family.  He is the author of a dozen short stories, which have appeared in F&SF and several anthologies.  Two stories, "The Eckener Alternative" and "The Ocean of the Blind" appeared in different Year's Best anthologies in 2005.  Mr. Cambias is also a designer of roleplaying games, and has been working in that field since 1990, with a dozen books and countless articles bearing his name.  His most recent title is GURPS Space, Fourth Edition, for Steve Jackson Games.  Since 2004 he has been a partner in Zygote Games, a small company dedicated to producing high quality card games based on science and nature.

Recently published - GURPS Space (4th ed.), Parasites Unleashed! (card game, July 2007)

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Thu1400Want to Play a Game? Teaching Other People to PlayHow many times have you flipped through the rule book, trying to find answers while others wonder "can we just start playing already?" Learn what not to tell people, why the rulebook's are bad and other ways of assuring that you're not ruining a good game with a bad explanation.James L. CAMBIAS, Michele ELLINGTON, Terry O'BRIEN
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Sun1400Free Will? Or Neurochemistry?Some behaviors (anger, violence) might be neurological in nature. If these traits can be identified and treated, what implications does this have on social interactions, legal contracts and frameworks? The social contract? The idea of individual responsibility? Could we program ourselves into becoming mindless sheep? Should we?Eileen GUNN, Jack William BELL, James L. CAMBIAS
Mon1100The Zygote (Games) PanelThe last panel of the convention. We talk about Zygotes or whatever other fancy comes to mind.James L. CAMBIAS, Diane A. KELLY