Grant Carrington

Grant Carrington discovered science fiction on Galaxy's radio show on CBS "Tales of Tomorrow" in 1951.  He attended Caltech and was a computer programmer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center from 1962-1968 and at the Savannah River Ecology Lab 1977- 1980.  He has bachelors and masters degrees in math.  He was associate editor at Amazing/Fantastic from 1972-74 and contributing editor at Eternity in the late 70s.  He published 20-30 sf stories in the 1970s, including "His Hour Upon the Stage," which was on the final Nebula ballot in 1976, and one novel "Time's Fool" was published by Doubleday in 1981.  He has also been involved with amateur theatre since high school and has had 5 plays produced in Baltimore.  His non-sf story, "Andromeda Unchained," won the short story award at Sandhills Writers Conference in 1977.  A singer/ songwriter since 1966, his CD "Songs Without Wisdom" is available at  He is 69 years old.

Recently published - Last published story was "The Key" in Amazing 1993. Many stories in the 70s, including "His Hour Upon the Stage," on the final Nebula ballot in 1976. "After You've Stood on the Log at the Center of the Universe, What Is There Left to Do?" was used in Japan to teach school children (around 10 or so) English in the mid 1980s. "Fountain of Force" was in Jerry Pournell's "Black Holes" anthology, printed in many langauges. I do not know if it was published in Japan.

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