Flick Christian

UK fanzine fan, via ZZ9 and Croydon, married to Mike Scott.  Having been a planetary scientist and an accountant, now quite happily making and conserving books.

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Thu1600HOW TO ?? (Kimono Dressing)How to put on a kimono from underpinnings to obi."M-AI-M", Flick CHRISTIAN, Inge HEYER
Sat1200The Books Ate My HouseWhen SF fans admit (embarrassed) "I have piles," they might not mean what outsiders think. Confess the challenges of living with way too many books, and discuss possible solutions. Tesseract-shaped bookcases? Inventive new technologies (hmm, what *is* the insulating value of paper?)? Or even getting rid of some....?Allen BATSON, Edd VICK, Flick CHRISTIAN, Margene BAHM