James Stanley Daugherty

James Stanley Daugherty, M Phil, MFA: camera artist, con-runner, and dilettante.  Internationally known for his fantasy, feminist, fine art, figurative, photography, this award winning artist continually pushes the boundaries of reality with his camera.  James has also worked as an archaeologist, postman, technical writer, lab technician, librarian, photo journalist, cat breeder, and international investor.  He is fascinated by the boundaries between fantasy and reality.  If photography is concerned with the real, and art focuses on the visionary, then art photography deals with where the real and the not-quite-real converge.  Between conventions and gallery openings, he balances his time between San Francisco, Maui, and Las Vegas, three places where imagination and history have become so intermingled, that no one can no longer tell where fantasy begins and reality ends.  He feels right at home.  He also enjoys excursions into ruined abbeys, ancient temples, and Tiki bars.  He lists his current occupation as coconut plantation owner, his current photo project as chronicling nude fire dancers in the jungles of Maui, and his current fannish crusade as luring convention fans to a Westercon in the sinful city of Las Vegas.  He is currently Secretary of the Peninsula Museum of Art, President of Conventional Wisdom, and President of the Ultimate Eye Foundation.

Recently published - "Serpent of the People"

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