Susan de Guardiola

Susan de Guardiola is best-known for her role as a masquerade emcee at various eastern U.S. conventions and worldcons.  Along with making costumes, collecting bad vampire novels, and knitting chainmail, Susan can be found in musty library stacks researching historic social dance, which she teaches at workshops and dance events across the United States.  In her spare time, she herds pathologists.

Recently published - "Quando vanno a festini": Reconstructing a social context for 16th century Italian court dance. (presented @ International Congress for Medieval Studies, May 2007)

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Thu1300The Aardvark PanelThe first panel of the convention. We talk about aardvarks or whatever other fancy comes to mind.Jessica LANGER, Paul CORNELL, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, John HERTZ
Fri1100What Every Pro Should Know About FandomWithout fandom, there would be no Worldcon and no Hugo Awards. Once you immerse yourself in fandom there are definite do's and don'ts. Find out what they are from people who know.Gay HALDEMAN, Lillian CSERNICA, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Susan DE GUARDIOLA
Fri1400What Do You Read Passionately Besides SFIs cross-genre reading all that popular? Can an author of one genre rightly expect his/her readers to follow when the author switches genres? What, as a fan, do you like to read? Do you read outside that genre? As an author, do you write outside that genre?Grant CARRINGTON, Kelly LINK, Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP, Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF
Sun1200Future Art: What New Forms of Art might Arise from Current Technologies or Esthetics?Computer composition, collaborative kinetic sculpture, zero-gee dance? "Blogging" is one new candidate, as are phone-cam web journals and "reality" television. What's likely to be next, and do we really want it?Dave HOWELL, Karen HABER, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, Chris O'SHEA, Pat CADIGAN