Cory Doctorow

Author of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, and Overclocked.  All published by traditional publishers, all released as a free Creative Commons downloads.  Co-editor of Boing Boing.  Fellow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and long-time digital rights activist.  Canada-US Fulbright Chair in Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California, 2006/2007.  World Economic Forum "Young Global Leader" 2007.  Columnist for Make, Locus and Information Week.  Instructor, Clarion 2007; Viable Paradise 2007.  Born in Canada, residing in the UK, in the midst of a move from LA back home to London.

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Thu1600How to Make SF More Inviting to TeensSF attracts tons of teens via video games, movies, anime, and comics but how do we get them to read books? Should we port books to cell phones? Perhaps if we add more sex, disrespect for authority, hip bildungsromans, and work with media tie-ins?Cory DOCTOROW, David M. SILVER, Farah MENDLESOHN, Lisa C. FREITAG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN
Fri1100Readings Cory DOCTOROW
Fri1200Digital Maoism: Drowning the Individual VoiceA book is small set of people, usually one person, authoring a story. The web turns this sideways, allowing many to collaborate, drawing upon snippets from everywhere. What effect does this have on creativity, our reading habits, and the way we process information? Is there a future for the book as we know it?Cory DOCTOROW, Eileen GUNN, Chris O'SHEA, Elizabeth Anne HULL
Fri1600The Tech Savvy CriminalWhat tools, techniques and technologies would be required today for someone to break the law and evade detection or capture? What will CSI: Mons Olympus need to keep up? This panel is for discussion purpose only, and is not intended to be a handy dandy guide to our criminal elements...Cory DOCTOROW, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Patricia MACEWEN
Sat1200Mundane or Transcendent?Many American SF writers write about the near future, the Singularity, or the far future; all completely different from our reality. Some are in favor of realism, while other prefer fantastic elements. Is this necessarily contradictory? Can we find fantastic in the real world, or write a realistic alien future?Charles STROSS, Cory DOCTOROW, Robert SILVERBERG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sat1400The Universal LibraryImagine if all the information of the world was available via the web; all the books, magazine, videos, TV shows and crossword puzzles ever produced. What would be the effect be on the world? How would it come about, and would it change the world?Charles STROSS, Cory DOCTOROW, Linda ROBINETT, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Tom GALLOWAY
Sun1000Kaffeeklatsche Cory DOCTOROW
Sun1200Defending Public Domain from Corporate Copyright MaximalismCopyright is the new conspiracy. What can we do to keep public domain works public. And how do we get them to release what should be public? If a company can make a buck, it will but where does capitalism end and copyright maximalism begin?Cory DOCTOROW, Inge HEYER, Naomi NOVIK, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN