Candas Jane Dorsey

Candas Jane Dorsey is an internationally-known, award-winning writer of speculative fiction, mainstream fiction, and poetry.  Her novel, Black Wine, won the Tiptree, Crawford and Aurora Awards.  She is a freelance writer, editor, and teacher of creative and professional writing.  From 1992 through 2005 she was editor-in-chief of The Books Collective (River, Slipstream and Tesseract Books).  She has travelled widely to give presentations, readings and workshops, and has been active in many writers’ organisations.  She has won several arts and culture awards, and recently was awarded the Alberta Centennial Gold Medal for her achievements in the arts.

Recently published - Black Wine, Tor (New York) 1997

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Fri1600Writing Non-Human CharactersIt's difficult for humans to think past themselves sufficiently to create something that's more alien than an athropomorphized Gila monster or a psychic tarantula. How do we make non-human characters alive and real without making them copies of ourselves?   How do we avoid cliches?Amy THOMSON, Cecilia DART-THORNTON, G. David NORDLEY, Candas Jane DORSEY
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Sat1600Levels and Limits of MetafictionalityStories about stories. When can the teller of a story successfully interact with the story, and when is it a cheat?Candas Jane DORSEY, Jessica LANGER, Kate NEPVEU, Scott EDELMAN
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