Scott Edelman

Scott Edelman is currently the editor of both Science Fiction Weekly (, the internet magazine of news, reviews and interviews, with more than 635,000 registered readers (since September 2000), and SCI FI, the official print magazine of the Sci-Fi Channel (since September 2001).  He is probably most well known as the founding editor of Science Fiction Age, which he edited during its entire eight-year run from 1992 through 2000.  He also edited Sci-Fi Entertainment, the official magazine of the SCI-FI Channel under a previous incarnation, for almost four years, and two other sf media magazines, Sci-Fi Universe and Sci-Fi Flix.  He was the founding editor of Rampage, a magazine covering the field of professional wrestling, which was called the "best" such magazine by the Washington Post.  He was also briefly the editor of Satellite Orbit, the country's largest satellite-TV entertainment guide.  From 1983 through 1986, he published and edited five issues of Last Wave.  He has been a four-time Hugo Award finalist for Best Editor.  His first novel, The Gift (1990, Space and Time), was a finalist for a Lambda Award.  His short fiction has appeared in the chapbook Suicide Art (Necronomicon, 1993)—its quasi-title story "The Suicide Artist" appeared in Best New Horror 4 (Jones and Campbell, eds.)—and in Tales of the Wandering Jew (Stableford, ed.), MetaHorror (Etchison, ed.), and Quick Chills II, as well as Twilight Zone, Science Fiction Review, Pulphouse, Nexus, Fantasy Book, Infinity Cubed, Ice River, New Pathways, Pulpsmith, The Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives, Weirdbook, and others.  A Plague on Both Your Houses, his five-act play that crosses Night of the Living Dead with Romeo and Juliet, was reprinted in Best New Horror 8, and was a Stoker Award finalist in the category of Short Story.  His short story "The Last Supper," published in the zombie-themed anthology The Book of Final Flesh, was also a Stoker Award finalist in the category of Short Story.  His most recent anthology publications are in the DAW anthology Men Writing SF as Women (edited by Mike Resnick), plus the Tor anthology Crossroads: Southern Tales of the Fantastic (edited by Andy Duncan and F.  Brett Cox), and others.  His most recent magazine appearance was in the latest issue of Nemonymous.  His next appearance will be in November in the DAW anthology Forbidden Planets, edited by Peter Crowther.  These Words Are Haunted, a collection of his short horror fiction, was published in 2001 by Wildside Press.  His poetry has appeared in Asimov's, Amazing, Dreams and Nightmares, and elsewhere.  His writing for television includes Saturday morning cartoon work for Hanna-Barbera and treatments for the syndicated TV show Tales From The Darkside.  He attended Clarion in 1979, and then returned as an instructor in 1999 and 2003. 

Scott lives in Glengary, West Virginia, with his wife, romance editor Irene Vartanoff.

Recently published - Short stories appearing in the anthologies Summer Chills, Forbidden Planets, The Mammoth Book of Monsters and many others

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