Michele Ellington

I've been interested in science fiction and fantasy since I was small.  As I got older, I started drawing and writing my own SF/F.  Eventually I discovered that there are conventions where people like me gather to share interests, and I have been to at least a hundred conventions since then.

I started working on my art seriously, and showing it at conventions all over the world.  I am a founding member of a medieval recreation club called AMTGARD, which has spread though many countries over the past 25 years.  Our gaming group has been meeting to play board and role-playing games for almost 30 years.  My film and anime collections are the 237th wonder of the world.  I am active in Great Dane Rescue, and currently share my home with Simba, a fawn Great Dane, and Jasmine, a Siamese cat.  In my day job as a city planner I get to spend $2 million each year clothing poor children, housing the homeless, and providing home-delivered meals to frail elderly.  The paycheck finances my real life as an artist, gamer and SF/F fan.

Life is good.

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Thu1400Want to Play a Game? Teaching Other People to PlayHow many times have you flipped through the rule book, trying to find answers while others wonder "can we just start playing already?" Learn what not to tell people, why the rulebook's are bad and other ways of assuring that you're not ruining a good game with a bad explanation.James L. CAMBIAS, Michele ELLINGTON, Terry O'BRIEN
Sat1300Heroes: The TV SeriesHeroes has made the world safer for comics culture. The creators say they've got 5 more seasons scoped: is there enough depth to sustain that? There are more unanswered questions than ever before, not the least of which is who's cuter: Hiro or Niki? (Or Jessica?)Maura MCHUGH, Michele ELLINGTON, Paul CORNELL, Perrianne LURIE
Sat1600Kaffeeklatsche Michele ELLINGTON
Mon1000Visiting Japan 2The Worldcon is nearly over.  Use this opportunity to meet up with other science fiction fans who plan to explore Japan or talk with folks who have already had the opportunity to tour Japan. Inge HEYER, Michele ELLINGTON