Tom Galloway

Tom Galloway works for Google in Silicon Valley.  His adventures include winning on a game show, Neil Gaiman telling an audience "You should all get together and burn [Tom] as a witch", Harlan Ellison trying to get him dates via public radio, raising $10,000 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund due to the result of a program item, being a Starfleet Admiral in a Trek comic book, organizing an MIT hack on the Harvard-Yale football game, creating the Google Gulp flavor Glutamate Grape, and being a practice dummy for teaching Nobel Prize winners the Macarena.

Sat1000The Inevitable Google PanelLove it or hate it, more than half of all net users search via Google. Is it really the end all and be all of all human knowledge? Computer knowledge? Our panelists have fun and try to predict where it will be in 2 year? 10 20? 100? Dr Andrew A. ADAMS, Eileen GUNN, Tom GALLOWAY, Adam RAKUNAS
Sat1400The Universal LibraryImagine if all the information of the world was available via the web; all the books, magazine, videos, TV shows and crossword puzzles ever produced. What would be the effect be on the world? How would it come about, and would it change the world?Charles STROSS, Cory DOCTOROW, Linda ROBINETT, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Tom GALLOWAY
Sun1700Miss Piggy and GodzillaWe have fun and speculate on some interesting dates. Poor Godzilla. Amy THOMSON, David D. LEVINE, Tom GALLOWAY