Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf

I have been reading SF and Fantasy for a long time before I went to my first Swedish con in 1985.  I have organized five Swedish cons and I like to attend Eastercons and Worldcons.  I have been a patent examiner at the Swedish Patent Office since 1991 and I handle patent applications in Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals.  I have been fencing for 30 years and I am a member of the Tolkien Society in Stockholm.

Fri1000The Ethical Issues of BiotechnologyWho own genes? Can you hide your genetic flaws? Should you tailor your kids for appearance? Should androids have human rights? Should we seed the galaxy with Earth plants? Which will destroy civilization: clone wars or genetically modified food crops? How are these issues handled, mishandled, or neglected by SF?Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF, Elisabeth MALARTRE, Gregory BENFORD, Robert SILVERBERG
Fri1400What Do You Read Passionately Besides SFIs cross-genre reading all that popular? Can an author of one genre rightly expect his/her readers to follow when the author switches genres? What, as a fan, do you like to read? Do you read outside that genre? As an author, do you write outside that genre?Grant CARRINGTON, Kelly LINK, Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP, Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF
Mon1000Mysteries: Cross-Overs, Overlaps and MarketingSome fans read both mysteries and SF/F; while others read from only one genre. But when Glen Cook's works show up on the mystery shelves, and Laurel K. Hamilton's are now labeled SF/F, what difference do marketing lines and writing styles make?Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF, Chris COOPER, Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, Mark L. VAN NAME, Patricia MACEWEN