Kjetill Gunnarson

Kjetill Gunnarson has been active on-and-off in Norwegian fandom since 1978, and has joined his wife Heidi Lyshol for many conventions over the years.  Kjetill has maintained his global ranking as the world's second fastest speed reader since 1987 (Book of Mental World Records, Tony Buzan 3 ed. 2005). He has held speed reading courses for thousands of business, high-school and university participants since 1986 via LL Consulting. In addition to reading all the time, he spends his work time on learning organisations and his free time on learning technologies (and speed reading).

Sat1000Do fans read faster? Workshop in speed reading by Kjetill GunnarsonDo fans read faster than other book lovers? Kjetill will examine if this is the case, and walk through first steps in kinesthetic, auditive, and visual reading strategies.Kjetill GUNNARSON