Eileen Gunn

Eileen Gunn is a Nebula-award-winning short-story writer and the editor/publisher of the Infinite Matrix website.  Her collection Stable Strategies and Others (2006) was shortlisted for the Philip K. Dick, James Tiptree, Jr. and World Fantasy awards.  It was published in Japan in 2006, as 遺す言葉、その他の短篇 by アイリーンガン.  Since 1988, she has served on the board of directors of the internationally known Clarion West Writers Workshop.  She is at work on a biography of the short-story master Avram Davidson.

Recently published - 遺す言葉、その他の短篇 - アイリーンガン (2006) Stable Strategies and Others - by Eileen Gunn (2004)

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Fri1200Digital Maoism: Drowning the Individual VoiceA book is small set of people, usually one person, authoring a story. The web turns this sideways, allowing many to collaborate, drawing upon snippets from everywhere. What effect does this have on creativity, our reading habits, and the way we process information? Is there a future for the book as we know it?Cory DOCTOROW, Eileen GUNN, Chris O'SHEA, Elizabeth Anne HULL
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Sat1000The Inevitable Google PanelLove it or hate it, more than half of all net users search via Google. Is it really the end all and be all of all human knowledge? Computer knowledge? Our panelists have fun and try to predict where it will be in 2 year? 10 20? 100? Dr Andrew A. ADAMS, Eileen GUNN, Tom GALLOWAY, Adam RAKUNAS
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Sun1000Was Margaret Mead Full of S***?Mead said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Many intelligent and well-informed people say Mead's philosophy is purest fantasy. Panelists discuss/debate about whether or not Mead was right.Eileen GUNN, Elisabeth MALARTRE, Farah MENDLESOHN
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Sun1400Free Will? Or Neurochemistry?Some behaviors (anger, violence) might be neurological in nature. If these traits can be identified and treated, what implications does this have on social interactions, legal contracts and frameworks? The social contract? The idea of individual responsibility? Could we program ourselves into becoming mindless sheep? Should we?Eileen GUNN, Jack William BELL, James L. CAMBIAS