Anne Harris

Anne Harris' first novel, The Nature of Smoke, is in translation in Japan, where it is on the short list for the Sense of Gender Award, to be announced at the Hugo Ceremonies.  It also received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and a listing in Locus Magazine's recommended reading list.  Her short story, "Still Life with Boobs," was a 2005 Nebula Award finalist.  It was published in Talebones Magazine and reprinted in Year's Best Fantasy 6.  Harris' second novel, Accidental Creatures, won the Spectrum Award for science fiction with glbt characters, themes and issues in the first year the award was given.  Her latest book, Inventing Memory, is a Book Sense 76 pick.  Harris is a mentor in the Seton Hill University Master of Arts program in Writing Popular Fiction.  She holds a bachelor of science degree from Oakland University. She has worked as a cook in a vegetarian restaurant, an operations research analyst for the Department of Defense, a small-town reporter and a doggy daycare worker.  She lives in Michigan with her husband.  She is online at

Recently published - The Nature of Smoke (Fractal Goddess) is currently in Japanese transation and available from publisher Tokyo Sogen-sha. My most recent novel is Inventing Memory.

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