John Hertz

Hugo nominee for Best Fanwriter.  Infected fandom with English Regency ballroom dancing.  At cons, moderator of panels, leader of Art Show tours, judge or M.C. of Masquerades; host of Fanzine Lounge at 2004 Worldcon.  Big Heart Award, 2003.  Fan Guest of Honor, Con-Version (Calgary, '06), Westercon (Phoenix, '04), Lunacon (New York, '01), Incon (Spokane, '00).  Anthologies, Dancing and Joking ('05), West of the Moon ('02).  Fanzine, Vanamonde.  Favorite non-SF writers, Chuang Tzu, Maimonides, Nabokov, Sayers.  Drink, Talisker.

Recently published - Dancing and Joking (2005) and West of the Moon (2002)

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Thu1300The Aardvark PanelThe first panel of the convention. We talk about aardvarks or whatever other fancy comes to mind.Jessica LANGER, Paul CORNELL, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, John HERTZ
Thu1400Fan Funds and What They AreFor fifty years we've had Fan Funds that carry people across the seas to visit other fans. Two special one-time funds were made for Nippon 2007, bringing John from the U.S. and Chris from Britain. Ask them questions! Hear their stories!John HERTZ, Chris O'SHEA
Sat1200Regency DanceJohn HERTZ, fandom's expert on the English Regency era (about the year 1800), will once again teach Regency ballroom dancing.  This is a participatory event -- feel free to join in, even if you have three left feet.  Costumes welcome, but not required.John HERTZ
Mon1000Masquerade PostmortemMasquerade staff and judges will answer questions and get feedback from entrants and audience members on how the Masquerade ran. Any award winners unable to receive their awards at the Masquerade may pick up their certificates at this panel. Entrants may also pick up their judging Polaroids, music source, and any documentation provided for the judges at this time.Sakuta YUICHIRO, Essai USHIJIMA, Sanbi (Carole) PARKER, Karisu, John HERTZ