Tore Audun Hie

Five books published.  Now working on new book Nordic Management.  One book got a national prize in 2006.  Participating in political project to "create the best school system in the world."  Guest lectures on technology in nursing.  Experience from consulting in more than 50 organisations.  PhD computer science, HND management, BSc(hons)civil engineering.  One novel about the Russian Mafia abandoned(too dangerous!).

Recently published - Handbook of Computer Security


Fri1300The Hospital of the FutureGiven advances in medical care, what will a hospital look like in 25 years? 75? Will they even exist as the centralized entities we know and hate today?Heidi LYSHOL, Pat CADIGAN, Tore Audun HIE
Sat1200The Death of Individual InnovationEarly Sf is replete with stories about individuals who, with a single idea and lots of grit, time, funds or all three, could implement an idea with little or no outside help. Could this have happened in reality? Or was this simply a fable? Could it happen today? Or would today's society, corporations or the web doom this hapless _individual_ to failure?G. David NORDLEY, Tore Audun HIE, Farah MENDLESOHN
Sun1000The Economics and Sociology of AbundanceOver millennia, humankind has grown steadily richer. Eventually, will money no longer be an issue? How will this culture of plenty affect human motives and interactions? Are the motives we see in today's SF believable in an ultra-wealthy far-future setting?Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, W A THOMASSON, Mike SCOTT, Tore Audun HIE