Keith Kato

Keith G. Kato has attended Worldcons since 1972, and is best known for 33 years of the "Keith Kato Chili Party."  In the mundane world, he holds a Ph.D. in plasma physics (SF author Gregory Benford was his dissertation advisor), and performs research and development on high power microwaves at Raytheon Company.  He is also a martial arts student of 42 years in Kodokan Judo and Shotokan Karate-do, and was Head Instructor of the Orange County Karate Club in California.

Fri1000Robert Anson Heinlein: His Impact on UsRobert A. Heinlein was the most influential writer in SF, but which Heinlein? The author of: short works that set a new standard for SF, Heinlein Juveniles, or the longer, lesser, later works. What is Heinlein's legacy? Where was he influential and who did he influence?David M. SILVER, G. David NORDLEY, Kari MAUND, Keith G. KATO, Farah MENDLESOHN
Sun1000Shotokan Karate-do WorkshopWould you like a simple and safe first experience in the traditional Japanese martial art of Shotokan karate-do?  For many years, this workshop has been offered at Worldcons to introduce the basic mechanics of Shotokan karate-do.  The underlying physical and physiological principles of distance, breathing, movement, and timing will be taught in the areas of basic motion ("kihon"), pre-arranged sequence of defense and attack ("kata"), and no-contact simulation of sparring ("kumite").  Level of effort will be no greater than low-impact aerobics, with emphasis on safety.  Come dressed in light, loose-fitting clothing.  Instruction will be in English.Keith G. KATO