Yoshio Kobayashi

AKA Takashi Ogawa, translator of Bruce Sterling, Lew Shiner, Lucius Shepard and many more.  Regular columnist at Hayakawa's SF Magazine, introducing a new trend in SF/F for a quarter century.  Currently heavily into the new Slipstream.

I've been a neophile and promoting new writers in our genre for past 26 years.  I've promoted cyberpunk from 1982 to 1994, new generation of Slipstream from 2001 to this day, and our own new generation of SF writers for a couple of years now.  The most recent translated works are Illuminatus! trilogy and THE DOGWALKER by Arthue Bradford.  I've edited THE BEST SF OF THE EIGHTIES and Shueisha's WORLD SF line.  I teach translation skills at two schools in Japan.  I live with a wife, a child, a dog, and three cats.

Recently published - Illuminatus! trilogy and THE DOGWALKER by Arthue Bradford

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Thu1600Children of Haruki MurakamiIntroducing the slipstream writers in the tradition of Haruki Murakami in Japan.Nozomi OMORI, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Fri1000Sprawl Fiction"Sprawl fiction" was coined to show how new writers, most in their thirties, are trying to expand our genre yet still loving its very core, straight SF. Terms like "new Weird", "interstitial", "strange fiction" or "new fabulist" don't cover the trend fully. It is a natural reflection of our urban society and probably heralds the new stage of our evolution; to the stars. We talk about why the new generation slipstream is not the fusion of literary fiction and SF/F.Ellen DATLOW, Gavin J. GRANT, Lou ANDERS, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Fri1200Remembering Robert Anton WILSONRemembering the golden days of the geeks.Jack William BELL, Lou ANDERS, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sat1200Mundane or Transcendent?Many American SF writers write about the near future, the Singularity, or the far future; all completely different from our reality. Some are in favor of realism, while other prefer fantastic elements. Is this necessarily contradictory? Can we find fantastic in the real world, or write a realistic alien future?Charles STROSS, Cory DOCTOROW, Robert SILVERBERG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sat1400SF Tribes? The New Communities in Internet Society.Our community has grown so big, we have many small cabals, each of which cares nothing for the others. Through the Internet, blogging and e-mails our ties are strengthened and old community values wear thin, as proved by Hurricane Katrina. Any connection there?Lou ANDERS, Mark L. VAN NAME, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sun1600Lost Tribes of Cult NovelsWhere have the cult novels gone? They were once legion; "Stranger in a Stranger Land", "Cat's Cradle", "The Lord of the Rings", "Illuminatus!", "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues", "Neuromancer" and "The Wasp Factory" . But what about "Snow Crash" and "Harry Potter"? Why aren't they cult novels?Elizabeth Anne HULL, Gavin J. GRANT, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Mon1000Blogging and Live Journals in SFBlogging (and related activities) are having an impact on the world at large, and the SF community in particular. Blogs tell us more about the people in the field, the way the field works, and who is who -- and at a pace and a distribution that few if any fanzines ever matched. Blogs influence the directions of our community, can impact awards by making works or their creators better known, and perhaps even influence the works being created. Or is the impact overstated, as all things net related seem to be? Can writers use blogs to market themselves? Are blogs a way to engage the community? And is this true worldwide, or is it just an US-centric fad? Or even the English speaking world?Adam RAKUNAS, Chad ORZEL, Yoshio KOBAYASHI, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Paul CORNELL