Geoffrey Landis

Geoffrey A. Landis is a scientist and a science fiction writer.  As a scientist, he is researcher working at the NASA John Glenn Research Center.  He works on projects related to advanced power and propulsion systems for space and planetary exploration.  He is currently a member of the science team for the Mars Exploration rovers mission, and was a member of the Sojourner rover team on the Mars Pathfinder mission in 1997.  For 2005 and 2006, he was the Ronald E. McNair Visiting Professor of Astronautics at MIT.  He holds four patents, and is the author of 400 scientific papers.  As a writer, Geoffrey Landis won the Hugo award for best short story in 1992 for the story "A Walk in the Sun," and again in 2003 for the story "Falling onto Mars." He won the Nebula award in 1990 for "Ripples in the Dirac Sea".  His novel MARS CROSSING from Tor books won the Locus award for best first novel in 2001.  It appeared in Japanese in 2006.  His many science fiction stories has been translated into nineteen languages, ranging from Chinese through Turkish.  His short story collection IMPACT PARAMETER (AND OTHER QUANTUM REALITIES) was published by Golden Gryphon Books.  It was named as a notable book of 2001 by Publisher's Weekly.  It will appear in Japanese next year.  He lives in Berea, Ohio with his wife, writer Mary A. Turzillo, and his cats Lurker and Sam.

Recently published - The Japanese translation of my novel Mars Crossing came out from Hayakawa in 2006.  My short story collection Impact Parameter will appear in Japanese next year.

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