Jessica Langer

Jessica Langer is a PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London.  Her research interests include postcolonial representations/implications in science fiction and fantasy literature, film, and other forms of media such as video games.  She is also interested in postcoloniality in Japanese literature and cinema, and will be spending this summer as a JSPS Summer Program research fellow, doing archival research in Tokyo on Japanese SF.

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Thu1300The Aardvark PanelThe first panel of the convention. We talk about aardvarks or whatever other fancy comes to mind.Jessica LANGER, Paul CORNELL, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, John HERTZ
Thu1400Alternative Family StructuresA discussion on how the family has changed over the ages, and how this can be integral to the art of storytelling.Margene BAHM, Jessica LANGER, Farah MENDLESOHN
Fri1300Kaffeeklatsche Jessica LANGER
Sat1400Religion In SFThough their pursuits are not mutually exclusive, religion and speculative fiction are almost anathema to one another. In SF, religion is ridiculed as superstition, derided as a pursuit of less advanced minds. Why is this kind of discrimination acceptable? Why are there not more proudly religious characters in SF?Jessica LANGER, Kari MAUND, Robert Charles WILSON, William SHUNN
Sat1600Levels and Limits of MetafictionalityStories about stories. When can the teller of a story successfully interact with the story, and when is it a cheat?Candas Jane DORSEY, Jessica LANGER, Kate NEPVEU, Scott EDELMAN