David Levine

My short story "Tk'Tk'Tk" won the 2006 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.  My story "The Tale of the Golden Eagle" was a previous Hugo nominee; it also appeared on the Nebula preliminary ballot and was a finalist for the Sturgeon Award and Locus Award.  I'm a John W. Campbell Award nominee (2004 and 2003), Writers of the Future Contest winner (2002), James White Award winner (2001), and Clarion West graduate (2000). I've sold to F&SF, Asimov's, Realms of Fantasy, and anthologies including Mike Resnick's New Voices in SF and four Year's Best volumes (two Fantasy, two SF).  My most recent sales are "I Hold My Father's Paws," originally published in Albedo One, resold to Gardner Dozois for his Year's Best SF, and "Babel Probe" in the inaugural issue of the online magazine Darker Matter.

Recently published - "Babel Probe" in Darker Matter

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Thu1300The Future of ComputersComputers are getting lighter and more capable every year. (The latest innovation: tie two or more onto the same piece of silicon). Is there an end in sight? Or does it only end at some point in the so called "Singularity?"Chris COOPER, David D. LEVINE, Jack William BELL, Mark L. VAN NAME
Thu1600Evil LeadersEvil leaders in history and literature are fascinating. What makes them evil, and why do they interest us? What is evil? Can an evil leader benefit his people? Does writing about evil help us understand the reality? Should a writer feel obligated to say something profound, or just have fun?Dave LUCKETT, David D. LEVINE, Esther FRIESNER
Fri1200Kaffeeklatsche David D. LEVINE
Sat1200Location,Location,Location: How Setting Influences and Structures the StoryHow do the arc of the Ringworld, the hills of the Shire, the plazas of Trantor shape their stories' characters and events? Does local color bewitch or bore the reader? (Does it matter? -- why?) Are real places easier to evoke than imaginary ones? Which genre settings can't you forget?David D. LEVINE, Delia SHERMAN, Lillian CSERNICA, Stanley SCHMIDT
Sat1600Sex and TechnologyThe automobile.....the movie......the Internet......then? How has modern technology affected sex? What lies ahead - virtual reality harems? Computer-enhanced marital aids? The orgasmatron? What can we look forward to? (and is this all a Good Thing?)David D. LEVINE, Dr Andrew A. ADAMS, Patricia MACEWEN
Sun1700Miss Piggy and GodzillaWe have fun and speculate on some interesting dates. Poor Godzilla. Amy THOMSON, David D. LEVINE, Tom GALLOWAY
Mon1000The Singularity: How to Write About ItThe singularity may be the most interesting idea to come out of SF, yet may pose a challenge which may be insurmountable how to set a story in a world which is, by definition, incomprehensible? If a singularity lurks about a hundred years after the invention of the computer: does this mean that hard SF is a contradiction in terms once it gets outside the near future? Can SF stories cope? Or should writers just ignore it and move on?Charles STROSS, Gregory BENFORD, David D. LEVINE, Jack William BELL