Suford Lewis

Suford started her fanac in LASFS in 1960, went East for college, joined MITSFS, then became a founding member of NESFA.  She was one of the founders of Regency Fandom, which then spawned Regency Dances at regionals and worldcons, events which she often runs.

Active as both a costume fan and a convention fan, it has taken her rather a long time, but she has finally made it to Master Costumer.  She loves to dress up, act, and sing, and has participated in several dramas and musical performances.  She loves Gilbert & Sullivan.

Suford maintains an interest in SF as the new epic literature.  Her tastes are eclectic extending to comics, anime and movies as well as the books and magazines.  "They are all hero tales and morality plays," she says, "with updated philosophy and astronomy."

In real life, Suford has worked in the computer field specializing in real-time, communications, and various sorts of close-to-the-metal programming and project leadership.

She is active in NESFA Press, having edited six books by Lois Bujold, making special efforts to provide them with appropriate cover art.

She is married to Tony Lewis.  They have a daughter, Alice, now making her own way in the world.  Suford and Tony live with three cats in Massachusetts.

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