Jean Lorrah

Jean Lorrah is the author of a number of novels, and three children's books (with Lois Wickstrom).  Her novel BLOOD WILL TELL won two awards: the Lorry for best Paranormal Romance (given by the Romance Writers of America), and Best Vampire Novel of 2001 (given by the Lord Ruthven Assembly).  NESSIE AND THE LIVING STONE, co-authored with Lois Wickstrom,was named the best children's ebook of 2000 by the Independent Ebook Association.  Jean also writes Sime~Gen novels (a science fiction series) with Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and together with Jacqueline owns  She is currently pursuing a new career in screenwriting.  Jean lives in Kentucky, where she and her cat, Dudley, do pet therapy with the Humane Society, while her dog Kadi is just bemused by the whole thing.


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