Dave Luckett

West Australian, b 1951, came into fandom about 1979 and started writing SF.  First published short fiction in Eidolon magazine, 1992, and then had lead story in "The Patternmaker" collection (ed Lucy Sussex), which shortlisted for an Aurealis Award.  Followed this with a number of short books for children, and then with "The Tenabra Trilogy", a fantasy trilogy that won two Aurealis Awards, for "Best YA" and "Best Fantasy".  This was followed with the Wild Magic trilogy, which sold in the US as "The Rhianna Chronicles" (Scholastic).  Outside Australia is mainly known fannishly as a filker - wrote "The Dice Lice Blues" and "Parasite's Anthem".

Recently published - Last fantasy out in the US the "Rhianna" series. 2005. Latest one "The Girl, the Queen and the Castle"

Thu1600Evil LeadersEvil leaders in history and literature are fascinating. What makes them evil, and why do they interest us? What is evil? Can an evil leader benefit his people? Does writing about evil help us understand the reality? Should a writer feel obligated to say something profound, or just have fun?Dave LUCKETT, David D. LEVINE, Esther FRIESNER
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