Perrianne Lurie

Perrianne Lurie is a long-time fan who has worked on local, regional and Worldcons and local sf in various capacities.

In her day job as a public health physician she works on infectious disease epidemiology.

Thu1500Is This Your First Worldcon?What everyone should know about about Worldcons.Gay HALDEMAN, Martin EASTERBROOK, Perrianne LURIE
Fri1100Hugo Discussion GroupThe Hugos are Saturday; our panelists discuss what they think of everyone else's work but their own…Mike SCOTT, Perrianne LURIE, Vincent DOCHERTY
Sat1300Heroes: The TV SeriesHeroes has made the world safer for comics culture. The creators say they've got 5 more seasons scoped: is there enough depth to sustain that? There are more unanswered questions than ever before, not the least of which is who's cuter: Hiro or Niki? (Or Jessica?)Maura MCHUGH, Michele ELLINGTON, Paul CORNELL, Perrianne LURIE