Heidi Lyshol

Heidi Lyshol has been active in Norwegian fandom since 1984, and has attended numerous cons in the UK, plus a few in the US, Sweden, Denmark and Russia.  Nowadays, she has a "real job" in public health, but tries to keep up with friends from her fannish past.  An active BookCrosser.

Fri1300The Hospital of the FutureGiven advances in medical care, what will a hospital look like in 25 years? 75? Will they even exist as the centralized entities we know and hate today?Heidi LYSHOL, Pat CADIGAN, Tore Audun HIE
Sat1200Class-Based Societies in F&SFWhy do so many writers create a world with class politics, a hereditary rulership and limited social mobility? Should a democratic citizen write glowingly of kings? Is it appropriate to do so in SF set in the far future (Is Damon Knight right to criticize A.E. van Vogt)?Cecilia DART-THORNTON, Edward JAMES, Heidi LYSHOL, Grania DAVIS
Sun1400A "Survey of Readers"Farah Mendelsohn has surveyed 900+ readers. After a summation of her finding, she and the panellists will discuss her findings.Heidi LYSHOL, Mary TURZILLO, Paul CORNELL, Farah MENDLESOHN