Patricia MacEwen

Patricia MacEwen is a physical anthropologist (translation: bone freak) with 9 years experience as a CSI working on urban crime scenes for the Stockton Police Department.  She was a member of SPD's Critical Incident Response Team for 3 years.  She has also worked on war crimes investigations for the UN's International Criminal Tribunal in Yugoslavia, and is conducting research on the phenomenon of genocide.  Her sordid past also includes a B.S. in marine biology and early childhood infection with the spec fic virus.  She has published short SF, fantasy, horror, cross-genre work and mysteries in magazines such as F & SF, and in various anthologies.  Her not-so-private passions include using alien sex to build interesting alien species and cultures, and she is also getting heated up about global warming.

Recently published - Novella "Phisch'n Chips" in anthology 'Big Black';

Thu1400War Crimes: A Summer in KosovoDarfur. Bosnia. Kosovo. Rwanda. Can there be justice? Can these crimes be prevented? Learn about the graves of Kosovo, and the ensuing court case. The forensic team in Kosovo (summer 2000) was the largest and most professional ever assembled to work on war crimes. What's next, and where?Patricia MACEWEN
Fri1200CSI in the 22nd CenturyHow real is CSI? A lot of its technologies are illegal or misrepresented. More of it is unproven, unreliable, or outright fictional. Is CSI SF or just a few years ahead of its time? Forensic IT, chemistry and engineering are making great strides. Where will they be in the next century?Patricia MACEWEN
Fri1600The Tech Savvy CriminalWhat tools, techniques and technologies would be required today for someone to break the law and evade detection or capture? What will CSI: Mons Olympus need to keep up? This panel is for discussion purpose only, and is not intended to be a handy dandy guide to our criminal elements...Cory DOCTOROW, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Patricia MACEWEN
Sat1600Sex and TechnologyThe automobile.....the movie......the Internet......then? How has modern technology affected sex? What lies ahead - virtual reality harems? Computer-enhanced marital aids? The orgasmatron? What can we look forward to? (and is this all a Good Thing?)David D. LEVINE, Dr Andrew A. ADAMS, Patricia MACEWEN
Sun1200Design a Truly Alien AlienIn science fiction aliens resemble humans with rubber face masks, inspired by rare terrestrial life-forms. Their behaviors, while extreme, are familiar (like Crazy uncle Ted). Is it alien if it is familiar? The panelists will be asked to conceive of the most inhuman, least earthly aliens possible.Amy THOMSON, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Lawrence M. SCHOEN, Patricia MACEWEN
Mon1000Mysteries: Cross-Overs, Overlaps and MarketingSome fans read both mysteries and SF/F; while others read from only one genre. But when Glen Cook's works show up on the mystery shelves, and Laurel K. Hamilton's are now labeled SF/F, what difference do marketing lines and writing styles make?Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF, Chris COOPER, Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, Mark L. VAN NAME, Patricia MACEWEN