Kari Maund

Dr Kari Maund lectures and writes on the medieval history of the Celtic countries.  As Kari Sperring, she also writes fiction: her first novel, Living With Ghosts, is due to appear from DAW books.

Kari Maund has written five books and many articles on Wales, Ireland and Scotland in the middle ages, and has taught the history of these countries in several British universities.  With Phil Nanson, she is also the author of The Four Musketeers: the true story of d'Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis and Athos.  As Kari Sperring, she writes fantasy with a French twist: her first novel Living With Ghosts is due to appear shortly from DAW books.  She's mostly Welsh, but was born and lives in England.

Recently published - Living With Ghosts (due from DAW next year)


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