Maura McHugh

Born in the USA, but raised and educated in Ireland, Maura now resides in Galway, Ireland, where she writes screenplays, short stories, plays and novels, and works as a web developer, IT consultant, and blogger.  She's a graduate of the 2006 Clarion West Writers Workshop.  Her web site is:

Recently published - "Bone Mother" in the Fantasy anthology by Sean Wallace and Paul Tremblay; "In the Woods" in Cabinet des Fees; "Who Hears our Cries in Forgotten Tongues?" in Flash Me: the Magazine of Flash Fiction.

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Fri16006 years (almost) and countingSept 11, 2001; 9/11. Are the wounds still too fresh to talk about? How about 7/7? Does the rest of the world care? Can it happen again? Can we use it in a story? If not now, when? Is this a line that cannot be crossed?Joe HALDEMAN, Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD, Lawrence PERSON, Maura MCHUGH, Pat CADIGAN, Elizabeth Anne HULL
Sat1300Heroes: The TV SeriesHeroes has made the world safer for comics culture. The creators say they've got 5 more seasons scoped: is there enough depth to sustain that? There are more unanswered questions than ever before, not the least of which is who's cuter: Hiro or Niki? (Or Jessica?)Maura MCHUGH, Michele ELLINGTON, Paul CORNELL, Perrianne LURIE
Sun1200Celtic and British Influenced SF and FantasyCeltic and British myth and culture have profoundly influenced English-language fantasy. How much influence has it had on fantasy in other languages? Kari MAUND, Cecilia DART-THORNTON, Maura MCHUGH
Sun1600Anti-AmericanismIs it just jealousy? Or is there some basis to how most of the world feels towards the United States, the first Hyperpower the world has ever seenDave LUCKETT, Gregory BENFORD, Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD, Maura MCHUGH