Paul Melko

Paul lives in Ohio with his beautiful wife and four fairly wonderful children.  He studied nuclear engineering at the Universities of Cincinnati and Michigan.  He is an active member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, where he sits on the board of directors as the South-Central Regional Director and works on the Grievance Committee, handling all short fiction cases.  Paul's fiction has appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, Spider Magazine, The Year's Best Science Fiction, and other magazines and anthologies.  His work has been translated into Spanish, Czech, and Russian.  A collection of his science fiction stories, TEN SIGMAS AND OTHER UNLIKELIHOODS, is scheduled for release in 2007.  Paul's work has been nominated for the Sturgeon, Nebula, and Hugo Awards.  SINGULARITY'S RING (Tor Book, Feb 08) is his first novel, though it is based on stories published in Lou Ander's anthology LIVE WITHOUT A NET and Asimov's Science Fiction.  The theme of Anders' anthology is one where humanity is not dependent on a computer-networked world.  Paul immediately conceived the main character of SINGULARITY'S RING and his world as a response to this theme.  Strom's story "Strength Alone" (part of SINGULARITY'S RING) made the Nebula preliminary ballot.

Recently published - SINGULARITY'S RING (Tor Books 2008)