Farah Mendlesohn

Farah Mendlesohn is Editor of Foundation, and winner of the Hugo for co-editing "The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction" with Edward James.  She published a book on Diana Wynne Jones in 2005, and her book Rhetorics of Fantasy is out later this year.  She is currently working on a book on children's literature, and will have a Japanese translation of a short extract available for anyone who stops her.  She has waist length red hair so you should be able guess who she is.

Recently published - Rhetorics of Fantasy


Thu1400Alternative Family StructuresA discussion on how the family has changed over the ages, and how this can be integral to the art of storytelling.Margene BAHM, Jessica LANGER, Farah MENDLESOHN
Thu1600How to Make SF More Inviting to TeensSF attracts tons of teens via video games, movies, anime, and comics but how do we get them to read books? Should we port books to cell phones? Perhaps if we add more sex, disrespect for authority, hip bildungsromans, and work with media tie-ins?Cory DOCTOROW, David M. SILVER, Farah MENDLESOHN, Lisa C. FREITAG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN
Fri1000Robert Anson Heinlein: His Impact on UsRobert A. Heinlein was the most influential writer in SF, but which Heinlein? The author of: short works that set a new standard for SF, Heinlein Juveniles, or the longer, lesser, later works. What is Heinlein's legacy? Where was he influential and who did he influence?David M. SILVER, G. David NORDLEY, Kari MAUND, Keith G. KATO, Farah MENDLESOHN
Fri1500SF for the HandicappedAs the population ages, more and more people have special needs in order to function fully within society. How do those with "Special Needs" access their SF?Lillian CSERNICA, W A THOMASSON, Farah MENDLESOHN, Pat CADIGAN
Sat1200The Death of Individual InnovationEarly Sf is replete with stories about individuals who, with a single idea and lots of grit, time, funds or all three, could implement an idea with little or no outside help. Could this have happened in reality? Or was this simply a fable? Could it happen today? Or would today's society, corporations or the web doom this hapless _individual_ to failure?G. David NORDLEY, Tore Audun HIE, Farah MENDLESOHN
Sun1000Was Margaret Mead Full of S***?Mead said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Many intelligent and well-informed people say Mead's philosophy is purest fantasy. Panelists discuss/debate about whether or not Mead was right.Eileen GUNN, Elisabeth MALARTRE, Farah MENDLESOHN
Sun1400A "Survey of Readers"Farah Mendelsohn has surveyed 900+ readers. After a summation of her finding, she and the panellists will discuss her findings.Heidi LYSHOL, Mary TURZILLO, Paul CORNELL, Farah MENDLESOHN