Larry Niven

Born 1938 in Los Angeles.  Raised in Beverly Hills.  Bachelor in Math from Washburn U.  First story sale 1964.  50-60 novels and collections.  Some TV work.  Most well-known works: Ringworld, The Integral Trees, Destiny's Road, Lucifer's Hammer (with Jerry Pournelle).

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Fri1200How Healthy is the Short StoryFor decades, there has been talk of the death of short fiction in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Are markets shrinking? Is the quality less than it was thirty years ago? Ellen DATLOW, Gavin J. GRANT, Joe HALDEMAN, Larry NIVEN
Fri1700Autographs Larry NIVEN
Sun1400The Short Story's Role in Fantastic FictionShort fiction rarely gets the attention that novels do by reviewers. It is harder to sell collections and anthologies than novels. The panelists, writers and editors of short fiction discuss their thoughts about the shorter forms (short story, novelette, novella) of fantastic fiction.Ellen DATLOW, Gavin J. GRANT, Larry NIVEN, Pat CADIGAN
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