G. David Nordley

G. David Nordley (pen name of Gerald David Nordley) is a retired Air Force major, astronautical engineering consultant, and writer with over 50 published works of non-fiction and short fiction, as well as a Mars-related story collection, _After the Vikings _ from Scorpiusdigital.com.  He has won four "Anlab" readers' awards, and has been nominated for a Hugo and a Nebula.  A Minnesota native, he has lived in California for over 30 years now and is married to a retired Macintosh computer programmer.  In the last year, parts of a novel he has written with C. Sanford Lowe have been published as a series in Analog, and a story with Winston Churchill as its protagonist appeared in the _Golden Age SF_ anthology.

Recently published - After the Vikings (Scorpius Digital Publishing, 2004) The Black Hole Project (with C. Sanford Lowe, Published as a series of Novellas in Analog)

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