Marianne Plumridge-Eggleton

Marianne Plumridge is an Australian artist who lives in Rhode Island, USA, with her husband, illustrator Bob Eggleton.  They share their home with approximately 1,000 Godzilla monsters, and about twice that many dinosaurs, toys, and other odd beasties and creatures.  The rest of the house is occupied by: numerous books, paintings, art materials, and CDs.  It really is a creative atmosphere, where inspiration is never lost for long.  Marianne has shown her paintings of fantasy and marine fantasy at many convention art shows over the last three years, and has won several prizes.  She was a nominee for three Chesley Awards for 1999, one of which was 3D.  Her illustration work can be viewed at  Currently, Marianne has returned to her fine art roots, and is participating in a personal 'Painting of the Day' project, to refine her oil painting techniques.  Subjects include birds, still life, many flowers, some landscape work, and whatever else catches her eye.  Most of these are painted very small, because Marianne is indulging her love of working miniature 'alla prima' wet into wet style, in one sitting.  The results can be found online at: 'Daub du Jour'  In connection with her long held writing ambitions, Marianne writes book reviews and notes on her second Blog, 'Muse du Jour'  Finished works of fiction have found their way into magazines and anthologies over the years, as well as articles and essays.

Recently published - Anthology: Strange Pleasures #3 - contained "The Devil's Bowl" - 2005

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