Adam Rakunas

Adam Rakunas is a professional geek.  He used to make video games and help car companies shift bits, but now he builds virtual worlds, which is a pretty good gig.  He works for Centric, alongside fellow writers Jason Stoddard and Ken Brady, though he usually gets stuck with all of the dirty work.  He lives in Santa Monica, CA, with his wife and vegetable garden, and writes about all of this stuff on

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Fri1100Conference in Chengdu, ChinaA talk about the conference in Chengdu, China.Adam RAKUNAS, Jason STODDARD, Ken BRADY
Sat1000The Inevitable Google PanelLove it or hate it, more than half of all net users search via Google. Is it really the end all and be all of all human knowledge? Computer knowledge? Our panelists have fun and try to predict where it will be in 2 year? 10 20? 100? Dr Andrew A. ADAMS, Eileen GUNN, Tom GALLOWAY, Adam RAKUNAS
Sun1600Second Life and Other Virtual WorldsVirtual worlds are a perfect example of science fiction becoming part of mainstream culture. People work, play, and create everyday in these virtual spaces. How are these cutting-edge applications changing how we live, work, and participate in society and entertainment? And what does the future hold for storytelling and communication as the technology improves?Adam RAKUNAS, Ken BRADY, Naoyoshi SHIMAYA, Yuki SAEKI
Mon1000Blogging and Live Journals in SFBlogging (and related activities) are having an impact on the world at large, and the SF community in particular. Blogs tell us more about the people in the field, the way the field works, and who is who -- and at a pace and a distribution that few if any fanzines ever matched. Blogs influence the directions of our community, can impact awards by making works or their creators better known, and perhaps even influence the works being created. Or is the impact overstated, as all things net related seem to be? Can writers use blogs to market themselves? Are blogs a way to engage the community? And is this true worldwide, or is it just an US-centric fad? Or even the English speaking world?Adam RAKUNAS, Chad ORZEL, Yoshio KOBAYASHI, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Paul CORNELL