Yuki Saeki

Yuki leads teams of architects and scripters in Second Life and other virtual worlds.  A classically-trained artist with a degree in Biology from the University of Oregon, she's responsible for Centric's Region Reserve program and many other client builds.  She grew up in Japan and Taiwan, is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, and has done translation work in both languages.  She is also a published manga artist, and works in a variety of digital mediums.

Sun1600Second Life and Other Virtual WorldsVirtual worlds are a perfect example of science fiction becoming part of mainstream culture. People work, play, and create everyday in these virtual spaces. How are these cutting-edge applications changing how we live, work, and participate in society and entertainment? And what does the future hold for storytelling and communication as the technology improves?Adam RAKUNAS, Ken BRADY, Naoyoshi SHIMAYA, Yuki SAEKI