Lawrence M. Schoen

Lawrence M. Schoen holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, with a special focus in psycholinguistics.  He spent ten years as a college professor, and has done extensive research in the areas of human memory and language.  His background in the study of the behavior and the mind provide a principal metaphor for his fiction.  He currently works as the director of research and chief compliance officer for a series of mental health and addiction treatment facilities.  He's also one of the world's foremost authorities on the Klingon language, having championed the exploration of this constructed tongue and lectured on this unique topic throughout the world.  He's also the publisher behind a new speculative fiction small press, Paper Golem, aimed at serving the niche of up-and-coming new writers.  In 2007 he was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer.  His fiction has been translated into Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and more.  He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Valerie, who is clearly the best and brightest part of his life.

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Thu1600Sapir–Whorf HypothesisIn the early 20th century, Sapir and Whorf hypothesized the nature of a particular language influences the thought patterns of its speakers. This concept is pervasive in western thought. Has research proven or disproven this, and is the concept a useful tool or a dead end?Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Jean LORRAH, Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Fri1300Autographs Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Fri1600Klingon: The Fastest Growing Language in the GalaxyThe signs are everywhere; and in a fascinating language. Meet and listen to the man who created the signs, and one of the world's foremost authorities on Klingonese.Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Sat1100Kaffeeklatsche Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Sat1200Meet the John W. Campbell Award Finalists for Best New WriterA discussion of how the finalists for the John W. Campbell award made their professional debuts. What kind of backgrounds do they have? Where did they submit work? To what do they attribute their success?Jay LAKE, John A DAVIS, Lawrence M. SCHOEN, Naomi NOVIK
Sat1400Readings Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Sun1000GibberishDeveloping a language system involves more than just removing the vast majority of the vowels in your characters' names. What distinguishes a good language system in fiction from a bad one?Lawrence M. SCHOEN, Stanley SCHMIDT, Mary TURZILLO
Sun1200Design a Truly Alien AlienIn science fiction aliens resemble humans with rubber face masks, inspired by rare terrestrial life-forms. Their behaviors, while extreme, are familiar (like Crazy uncle Ted). Is it alien if it is familiar? The panelists will be asked to conceive of the most inhuman, least earthly aliens possible.Amy THOMSON, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Lawrence M. SCHOEN, Patricia MACEWEN
Mon1000The History of _Your_ WorldThe layers of deep history underlaying Lord of the Rings gave it a depth and richness missing from Conan. Does a world need a history which rarely shows up in the stories. If so, how is it built? On what is it based? Can there be too much history?Esther FRIESNER, Lawrence M. SCHOEN