Robert Silverberg

Robert Silverberg has been a professional science fiction writer since 1955.  He is the author of more than 100 books and hundreds of short stories and has won five Hugo and five Nebula awards.  In 2004 the Science Fiction Writers of America named him a Grand Master.  Among his best-known books are LORD VALENTINE'S CASTLE, DYING INSIDE, NIGHTWINGS, and THE BOOK OF SKULLS.

Recently published - Roma Eterna In the Beginning To the Dark Star

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Fri1000The Ethical Issues of BiotechnologyWho own genes? Can you hide your genetic flaws? Should you tailor your kids for appearance? Should androids have human rights? Should we seed the galaxy with Earth plants? Which will destroy civilization: clone wars or genetically modified food crops? How are these issues handled, mishandled, or neglected by SF?Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF, Elisabeth MALARTRE, Gregory BENFORD, Robert SILVERBERG
Sat1200Mundane or Transcendent?Many American SF writers write about the near future, the Singularity, or the far future; all completely different from our reality. Some are in favor of realism, while other prefer fantastic elements. Is this necessarily contradictory? Can we find fantastic in the real world, or write a realistic alien future?Charles STROSS, Cory DOCTOROW, Robert SILVERBERG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sat1400The Killer B'sSF eagerly explores change driven by science and technology. David Brin, Gregory Benford, Greg Bear, Vernor Vinge and Stephen Baxter are known for successful predictions and forecasts that frighten and inspire. They were asked to complete Isaac Asimov's epochal "Robots & Foundation" universe. Some of them are here at Worldcon. Ask them what's next!David BRIN, Gregory BENFORD, Robert SILVERBERG
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Sun1600Living with Another WriterRobert Silverberg through the eyes of his wife, Karen Haber and vice versa.  Can two writers live together easily?  What are the joys and difficulties they share?  How does living with another writer affect one's career?  Lifestyle?  Writing style?Karen HABER, Robert SILVERBERG