David Silver

Mr. Silver, retired, was Secretary-Treasurer of The Heinlein Society from 2000-2003, before being elected President in September of 2003.  He is married, has an adult daughter, and lives in Southern California.  His pre-law studies for an undergraduate English degree at UCLA, and law degree at Loyola, were acquired thanks to the Vietnam GI Bill.  An avid Heinlein reader since age eleven in 1954, he founded the Internet Heinlein Reading Group in 1997.  Two years later, Virginia Heinlein anonymously attended a meeting of the group, liked what she saw, disclosed her identity, and continued attending meetings.  In November 2000, Mrs. Heinlein invited Mr. Silver to join the board of directors of The Heinlein Society and, a month later, asked him to undertake the office of Secretary-Treasurer.

Recently published - See, website of The Heinlein Society--I've written, selected and/or edited most of the Heinlein review articles; and see The Heinlein Journal, several issues contain articles by me, the last of which is "The Lonely Silver Rain: Part II of a Sketch on the Motivations of Robert A. Heinlein's World As Myth," in Issue No. 17, pp. 26-36.

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Thu1600How to Make SF More Inviting to TeensSF attracts tons of teens via video games, movies, anime, and comics but how do we get them to read books? Should we port books to cell phones? Perhaps if we add more sex, disrespect for authority, hip bildungsromans, and work with media tie-ins?Cory DOCTOROW, David M. SILVER, Farah MENDLESOHN, Lisa C. FREITAG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN
Fri1000Robert Anson Heinlein: His Impact on UsRobert A. Heinlein was the most influential writer in SF, but which Heinlein? The author of: short works that set a new standard for SF, Heinlein Juveniles, or the longer, lesser, later works. What is Heinlein's legacy? Where was he influential and who did he influence?David M. SILVER, G. David NORDLEY, Kari MAUND, Keith G. KATO, Farah MENDLESOHN
Fri1400How Much Science Should SF Contain?Hugo Gernsback created SF to teach science. Should this be a foundational idea for SF or is it a horrible error? Why do we care whether the science is right even when the story is good? Much of SF seems to get along quite nicely with no discernable reality in its science althogh there is the occasional piece accorded masterpiece status *because* of its science content. Is the issue the technical details or is it a general approach to the universe that is important? Chad ORZEL, David M. SILVER, Gregory BENFORD, Stanley SCHMIDT
Sat1200The Future of WarAttrition warfare with men and machines is fast becoming obsolete. If the ultimate goal of war is to destroy your enemy's will to resist, with what shall we wage war in the future?David M. SILVER, Joe HALDEMAN, Lawrence PERSON, Stephen DAVIS