Jason Stoddard

Jason Stoddard is the founder and Managing Partner/Interactive for Centric, Agency of Change (www.centric.com).  For 13 years, Jason has helped Centricís clients stay in front of the "new marketing" trainófrom Centricís first websites in 1994 to online marketing in 1999 to social media and virtual marketing today.  Heís spoken at Loyola Marymount University, at entertainment industry forums such as DVDís 9 Lives, and is a respected resource for information on current and developing market trends.  In his spare time, Jason is also a professional science fiction writer, covering near-future developments such as virtual worlds and monetization.  His work has been seen in national and international publications, and heís been a finalist for both the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award and the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

Recently published - Dangerous Games (antho edited by by Gardner Dozois) WotF XX

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